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4 Tips to Avoid Heat Stroke This Summer
Summer is a great time for travel, lounging by the pool, and doing things with the family, but itís also a time to watch your healthy, especially when it comes to the heat.

4 Healthy Eating Tips To Use While Travelling this Summer
One of the best things about travelling during summer vacation is having the opportunity to try new and exciting foods. Unfortunately, not all these foods are the healthiest of options.

How to Exercise Safely in the Summer
Itís important to exercise all year round, and the summer poses the perfect time to get outside and maximize your workout. Unfortunately, the heat during the summer months can make it difficult to exercise without overheating.

4 Summer Tips to Stay Hydrated During Your Travels
Summer vacation is a great time to get out on the open road with the family.

3 Tips to Protect Your Skin This Summer
Summer fun includes plenty of travelling; whether youíre setting sale on a two-week cruise, travelling by car to the Grand Canyon, or just spending some time at the beach soaking up some sun. Itís important to take care of your skin during all of this sunny exposure, or you could cause signs of early aging, or skin cancer.

5 Ways to Cope with Seasonal Allergies at Home
Allergies can be a nightmare this time of the year, read along to learn about 5 strategies, we at Quick RX Refills suggest to those at home for coping with allergens.

Trim Down for Bathing Suit Season with These 5 Tips
Summer means bathing suit season, but it can be difficult to shed those pounds with all the great BBQís and fresh summer punch being served everywhere you go. Try these 5 healthy at-home weight loss tips to get in summer shape fast.

4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System as the Seasons Change
It isnít just winter time which brings on cold and flu symptoms; anytime the seasons change, your body must acclimate to new temperatures, weather conditions, and spending more time in or outside. The Spring and Summer seasons bring rain, hot sunny days, and plenty of pollen blowing in the breeze.

Top 4 Workouts for Beginners
Walking into a fitness center as a beginner can be intimidating; there are so many machines and workouts to try.

6 Herbal Remedies To Boost Your Immune System
Even with Spring well on its way, winter takes a toll on the human immune system.

5 Foods That Boost Metabolism
Part of living a healthy life is eating foods which your body can benefit from. Food is designed to give you energy, and cultivate a healthy mind and body. Different foods offer different advantages to those who eat them. One of these advantages is for your metabolism.

Sleep Better, Feel Better
A proper sleep routine can affect many areas of your life, including physical health. From headaches and poor circulation, to high blood pressure and even erectile dysfunction, not getting enough sleep can negatively impact your body.

Your Brain on Love: Oxytocin the Love Hormone
The month of February is filled with reasons to celebrate love, which is why today we are focusing on oxytocin. Known as the love, or cuddle hormone, oxytocin is produced by a gland at the base of the brain, and secreted into the body.

Your Brain on Love: Pheromones and How They Work
February brings thoughts of greeting cards, long stem roses, and gourmet chocolate. Of course, the reason you offer and reciprocate these gifts is because of the way your partner makes you feel about them.

Your Brain on Love: The Spark
February is a month filled with flower petals and quickened heartbeats, but what causes this rise in heartrate? The spark.

Your Brain on Love: Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it only makes sense for couples to be questioning love and how it works.

Eating Better By Cooking More
There are so many health resolutions made at the stroke of twelve on New Yearís Eve, and one of our favorites, here at Quick RX Refills, is more home cooked meals.

Get Back to Nature
With work, home, and extracurricular activities, itís easy to find yourself going from the house, to a car, to the inside of an office building, and back again. With a new year finally here, itís a great time to make the resolution to make more time for the great outdoors.

Declutter and Reorganize for a Stress Free Life
2017 is a fresh start to a whole new year, and this is a perfect time to make a fresh start in your home in terms of organization. Life is hectic, and busy days leads to quick clutter, especially if you have multiple residents in your home.

Eat More Omega 3's
2017 calls for a healthier, happier you, and sometimes this starts with what you put into your body. One of the trends weíve seen for this New Year is the resolution to eat more Omega 3ís

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