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Anxiety Recently Linked To IBS
Anxiety research has come a long way over the last decade, leading to a number of treatments and therapy options for those who suffer from its crippling symptoms.

Migraines And IBS Have Something In Common
Migraines are highly common in North America, and known for the debilitating pain they deliver. Unlike standard headaches, migraines can cause blinding pain, light sensitivity, and even nausea.

No Miracle Cure For The Hangover
Despite popular opinion, there is no true miracle cure for the hangover, and even the old faithful concept of chugging back a few glasses of water and munching on greasy food isnít going to save you after a long night at the clubs.

Oral Hygiene Linked To Development Of Alzheimers
Aging and gum disease certainly have a correlation, but recent studies have also shown that oral hygiene could be linked to other factors as well.

Regular Workouts Reduce Hot Flashes
Exercise is known to cure many evils in this world, from obesity to IBS, but recent studies have shown that regular workouts could also relieve those nasty hot flashes you have been experiencing.

Research Shows Video Games Have Some Enriching Benefits
Video games have long had a bad rap when it comes to children and the effect that these digital creations have on their young minds.

Your Dizziness Could Be Linked To Low Blood Pressure
Standing up too fast after a long rest can cause dizziness, and most people pass this off as a head rush when changing position, but recent research says it could be more than that

Your Hot Flashes Could Be Telling You Something
Anytime in your life when hormonal changes begin to occur, you know that youíre in for something new.

Vitamin D Levels May Impact Irritable Bowel Syndrome
The direct cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is unknown, and while there is no absolute cure, the syndrome is manageable through life and dietary changes.

Coffee Shows Signs Of Improving Athletic Ability
A new study by the University of Georgia has shown that one of the most popular beverages in North America, coffee, has the potential to boost the athletic abilities of those who indulge during sporting activities.

Late Nights Make For Dangerous Drives
A recent study performed by the Womenís Hospital of Boston has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. India Times explains: ďNight shift workers may be at an increased risk for drowsy driving crashes because of disruption to their sleep-wake cycles and insufficient sleep, a new study has warned.Ē

Limes: The Healthy Fruit You Never Knew You Needed
With the rise of the superfood movement, itís never surprising to see a new food ingredient on the rise, and this seems to be the year that the lime takes the spotlight.

Mediterranean Meals May Reduce Speed of Brain Aging
Eating foods and meals based on a Mediterranean diet has recently become popular, but studies show that this eating style could also be saving your life and reducing your brain age.

New Vaccine Offers Hope For High Cholesterol
Cholesterol levels have been an ongoing obsession for health conscious Americans, especially when it comes to low-density lipoprotein, or LPL Cholesterol, which is recognized as the bad type.

Recognizing Heart Attack Risks Is Crucial
The realization that heart attacks can be stopped before they happen has become more apparent in recent years, with blood pressure and cholesterol becoming a regular check for many.

Research Proves Skin On Skin Contact With Newborns Helps New Mothers Emotionally
In the past babies and mothers could be separated after birth so that the child could be cleaned up before being held. Recently, however, this practice is changing, and it is becoming more important for mothers to hold their children directly after birth.

Studies Show That Antidepressants May Help Stroke Patients
Antidepressants have been known to vastly improve depressive states and assist in coping with many disorders and mental illnesses, but recent studies have shown that they may have an alternative use as well.

Chronic Gamers May Soon Be Classified In Unique Mental Disorder
Video games have been a popular pass time since their inception in the early 1950ís, but they have taken a drastic spike in popularity within the last two decades.

Research Shows That Therapy Pets Help The Emotional Healing Process
Pets have long been used for their skills in a variety of fields, including police work, rescue pets, and of course service dogs which help those individuals with disabilities to live their lives safely.

Babies Should Be Exposed To More Harmless Bacteria
This may sound like a backwards notion as so many parents are fighting to keep their children away from germs and bacteria, but new studies support the idea that children should encounter harmless bacteria in order to build their immune system.

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