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Reduce Your Back Pain With Diet And Exercise
Back pain is a villain in the lives of many Americans and can be one of the most common kinds of pain to encounter in your life.

Encouraging Positive Body Image Is More Important Than Ever
In a world where obesity numbers have skyrocketed, but the covers of magazines are still graced by thin men and women, it is no wonder that the world is facing an eating disorder problem like never before.

High Blood Pressure Isn’t The Only Headache Culprit
In the past there have been several scientific studies that show high blood pressure to be a leading cause of headaches in North America and across the globe, but new information has shown that a high salt diet might also be to blame.

Insomnia And Alcohol May Be The Cause of Death For Many
Sleep has always been recognized as a necessity as far as health and wellness goes, and while treatments for insomnia have long been sought after, it is more important now than ever before that people learn to get a handle on their sleep disorders.

Not Acting Your Age May Be Beneficial
In the past the phrase, “you are only as young as you feel,” has been thrown around as a way for the older generations to retain their youth, but it turns out that this may actually be the truth.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Affect The Weight Of Your Children
Sleep has long been linked to a number of problems when it isn’t obtained at the correct levels. For children this means sleeping eight to ten hours each night undisturbed, and in this day and age the number of distractions and noisy electronic devices that fill your home may be the culprit behind their lack of sleep.

Baby Talk Linked To Hearing Ability
No, this doesn’t refer to the way that you talk to your baby, but rather the way that your baby talks to you. Cooing and babbling can actually show you how much your infant is hearing, and this can be a crucially important fact to take note of.

What Is Good For The Gander Isn’t Always Good For The Goose
As society evolves, it is becoming more common to see partners of different ages, especially older men with younger women. While this is becoming standard in relationships, it is still somewhat shocking to see a much older woman with a younger man, although it is not unheard of

Asthma Treatment Improves With Telephone Coaching
Asthma has long been hailed as one of the most problematic respiratory disorders, especially among children, and when it goes untreated it can be damaging and even deadly.

Second Hand Smoke In Cars Cause For Concern
The information released for these findings was led by a professor of medicine and bioengineering and the chief of clinical pharmacology at the General Hospital of San Fransisco.

Early Exposure May Lead To Increased Risk Of Allergies
With the new school slogan across North American being changed to “Peanut Free”, it comes as no surprise that new studies have been developing across the globe in regards to peanut allergies, both in cause and treatment.

Experiences Become More Intense When Shared
If you’ve ever shared an exciting story with somebody then you’ve probably noticed how expressing yourself through words can sometimes put you right back in the moment.

Leading A Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Stroke Risk In Women
It’s long been recognized that leading a healthy lifestyle makes for a longer life in general, but new studies have found that by being more conscious of the decisions that women make regarding their health they could reduce the risk of stroke as well.

New Study Shows Exercise To Be Easier With A Visible Goal
Having goals has always been a huge part of weight loss, but a new study has proven that having a physical goal to set your sights on, might actually make exercise easier and more enjoyable.

Potty Training Before Age 2 Could Lead To Later Accidents
Every parent wants their child to succeed, especially before other children of their age, but a recent study has shown that children who begin their toilet training before the age of 2 have a far higher risk of having daytime accidents with wetting.

Rising Number of School Aged Children Show Signs Of Eating Disorders
With the growing number of obese adults and children in the United States and the constant flow of waiflike celebrities waving from the front pages of magazines and catalogues, it may not come as such a surprise that eating disorders are now being seen in children between the ages of eight and twelve years.

School Aged Children Show Increasing Signs of Mental Health Struggles
Mental health problems have been increasing at an alarming rate across the country, and the world as the signs become better recognized and people become more aware to the existence of certain forms of mental illness.

Drinking Grapefruit Juice May Curb Weight Gain
Drinking Grapefruit Juice May Curb Weight Gain the effects of different foods on weight loss has long been studied by the scientific community, and while there tend to be different results for each ingredient, a recent study has pinpointed grapefruit juice as one breakfast staple that shouldn’t be missed.

Life Expectancy Soars In United States
It seems as though the news is always reporting some new string of disease, or a battle against physical or mental illnesses, and yet new statistics show that the life expectancy in the United States has risen dramatically.

Study Finds Vitamin D Deficiency Lowers Fertility In Women
With an aging population and women choosing to have children at much later ages than in previous decades, the rates of fertility are a constant worry for men and women.

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