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TV Personality Dr. Mehmet Oz In Trouble With U.S. Senate Panel Over False Claims
Dr. Oz is well known within the health and nutrition world as one of the experts on the subject of weight loss among many other things that he speaks about on his nationally renowned television program and website.

Women Should Still Expect Heavy Blood Flow During Menopause
Most women assume that there are two times in their lives after puberty hits when dealing with menstrual cramping and bleeding will finally be a nonissue.

Aspirin Targeted As Colon Cancer Prevention
A recent study has made headlines in the medical world when aspirin was linked to the possible prevention of colon cancer.

Recent Findings Suggest That Walking Leads To Better Creativity
Itís common knowledge that a walk in the park can help relax you and open your mind, but recent research has confirmed that walking can actually help foster personal creativity.

Improper Treatment Of Sore Muscles May Cause A Lengthy Recovery
Over the years there have been many different treatments and medications suggested for the treatment of sore muscles and overworked joints, especially in the field of professional athletes, but recently there have been medical claims suggesting that some of this information might not be one hundred percent valid.

Ingestible Weight Loss Balloon Changes Gastric Treatments
Obesity isnít just a problem; itís an ongoing epidemic that seems to be taking the world by storm. Throughout North American and other areas around the globe, invasive plastic surgeries, yo-yo dieting, pills, and fad training programs are being utilized in an effort to control weight gain and shed unwanted pounds.

Level Of Measles Outbreak In U.S. Skyrockets
Since the invention of the vaccination shot fear of transferrable viruses such as measles has become a fear of the past, and although a few cases do pop up from time to time, the numbers associated with this illness are fairly low in North America.

Menopause Not Just A Condition For Women
As women age their hormones change and begin to deplete, which can alter moods, body functions, and cause other changes to occur that can create discomfort, changes in sexual libido, and even make it difficult to keep short term memory fully functional.

New Methods Used To Avoid Oral Allergy Symptoms Revealed
As each season changes, there seem to be a number of factors contributing to allergies, and while some affect the nose and throat, there are many allergies that cause oral tingling, burning, and itching.

New Sleep Studies Contain Surprising Results
Itís long been made known that sleep is an essential characteristic of human health, and without the correct amount of sleep per day not only will you have trouble focusing, but there may be health risks at stake as well.

Phone App Provides Recovering Alcoholics With Aid
Although many patients recovering from alcoholism find a lot of help in group sessions and private therapy, when it comes time to be on your own away from friends and doctors it can be difficult to constantly face down those demons without support.

Herbal Treatments Takes A Front Seat In Alternative Medicine
Medical herbs and healing plants have long been used throughout history, and are still used together in many cultures.

The Dangers Of Stress And How To Prevent It From Controlling Your Life
If youíre anything like the rest of the population then youíve likely got a few stressors in your life, and while an acute case here and there isnít such a problem, chronic stress and anxiety disorders have a huge impact on people globally, and affect a large number of the population worldwide.

Early Development and Care of Children Can Alter Their Future Capabilities
As a parent your child is often going to be regarded as the most important part of your life, and this is true of many parents around the globe.

4 Causes Of Headaches And How To Prevent Them
From migraines to tension headaches, feeling sore and achy is never a good thing, especially if youíre at work, or unable to lie down and rest for some reason.

4 Ways To Boost Your Immune System And Escape Flu Season
The holidays might be over but cold and flu season is still upon you and the cold winter months donít seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Addiction Treatments For Drugs And Alcohol Expanding
Dealing with the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction can be overwhelming and leave families both emotionally and financially drained not knowing exactly where to turn.

Caffeine Recently Found To Be Memory Booster Among Other Thing
Caffeine has long been used to treat fatigue and induce moments of mental alertness, especially among those who must rise and shine early for their line of work.

Causes of Alcohol Addiction On The Rise
Alcohol addiction has been a problem in North America and globally for years now, and the numbers of deaths related to this intoxicating substance seems to grow daily.

3 Newsworthy Weight Loss Tricks You Should Know About
With the rise of obesity in North America and globally, comes many new methods of weight loss and research programs to tackle this health issue.

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