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4 Summer Tips to Stay Hydrated During Your Travels

Summer vacation is a great time to get out on the open road with the family. From beach stops to national parks, there’s nothing like site seeing in the bright warm sunshine, but watch your water levels while you travel. Heat stroke is common in the summer, when travelers forget to cover up and hydrate as they go. To avoid getting dehydrated on your vacation this year, check out our top 4 summer tips to stay hydrated.

1. Freeze Your Bottles: Bottled water is the best way to be sure you’ve got water on the road, but the summer heat can quickly turn a refreshing drop into a warm distasteful one. Before you leave the house, hotel, hostel, or camper in the morning, freeze a bottle of water for the road. Your best plan of action is to pop it in the freezer at night while you sleep, and it will defrost throughout the day, leaving you with cold water. As an added bonus, these frozen water bottles make a great cooler liner to keep other snacks and drinks cold as you go.

2. Plan Your Route: While concessions-stands, restaurants, and pit stops are frequent across the country and at major tourist attractions, you won’t always find these along the highways or trails. Plan your route accordingly, so that you know where your next water and food stop will be. Of course, bringing your own water is the best option, but having a plan B will keep you from becoming dehydrated should you wander into an area where there are no refreshments to be found. 

3. Eat Fruit and Veg: When you’re not drinking water by the bottle, you should be indulging in foods that will help replenish your fluids. Grapes, watermelon, apples, celery, carrots, and even lettuce have refreshing water locked in every bite. Try to eat more of these natural foods, and less dry ingredients, such as bread, potato chips, and other snacks that will make your mouth dry. Salty foods will also work to dry you out, rather than hydrating you.

4. Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Hydration starts on the inside, but don’t neglect our skin. If you’re spending time out in the sun, make sure you lather up with sunscreen at least half an hour before heading out into the heat. Cover up with a hat and sheer long sleeves when possible. At home before bed, hydrate your skin further by moisturizing. You’ll notice a big difference in the texture and plumpness of your skin by protecting it in this way. Finish off your day with a big glass of water before bed to replace any lost water throughout the day.

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