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4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System as the Seasons Change

It isn’t just winter time which brings on cold and flu symptoms; anytime the seasons change, your body must acclimate to new temperatures, weather conditions, and spending more time in or outside. The Spring and Summer seasons bring rain, hot sunny days, and plenty of pollen blowing in the breeze. Keep your immune system in top shape by following these 4 tips.

1. Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits: The sun is out later, the days seem longer, and there are so many fun outdoor activities to enjoy, but it’s important to maintain proper sleeping habits during these sunny months. Your body heals and regenerates during the sleep cycle, which means that if you’re up late every night, your immune system could suffer. If you find it difficult to regulate sleep times every day, try napping when you’ve had an extraordinarily long night.

2. Don’t Work Too Hard: This sounds counterproductive, but overworking your body when temperatures rise could result in heat stroke. When your body temperatures become unmanageable, it can affect your immune system. If you’re working in the yard, going for a run, or taking the kids out on their bikes, monitor your heart rate and temperature to keep yourself from overheating. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen in sunny weather.

3. Get Your Vitamin C: Citrus fruit, Brussels sprouts, guava, strawberries, and bell peppers are loaded with this essential immune boosting vitamin. Natural vitamin C intake is essential to a well-balanced diet, and it will keep you feeling happy and healthy throughout the summer season. Fortunately, there’s plenty of vitamin C in fresh summer fruits or veg, so weather you’re having a BBQ, or making strawberry shortcake for the neighborhood Independence Day party, you can be sure you’ll give your immune system the help it needs to stay strong.

4. Iced Green Tea: A powerful antioxidant, green tea has shown positive results in research related to immune boosters. It might be getting too warm to sit out and sip a hot cup of tea, but you can enjoy all the healthy benefits of this beverage in a cool refreshing form by pouring your steeped tea over ice and letting it cool. Serve in a tall glass with a squeeze of lemon and a straw, and you’ll feel like you’ve got yourself a poolside drink instead of an immune boosting superfood. Other ways to keep your immune system in good shape this summer includes exercise, plenty of water, and washing your hands regularly. Pay close attention to the signs your body gives you; rest when you get tired, eat when you get hungry, and cool down when things get too hot.

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