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5 Tips to Quit Smoking in the Fall

As the weather begins to cool, and all the delicious sights, smells, and tastes of fall come into play, it can become extra difficult for smokers to stop. All those triggers like hot spiced coffee, and home-cooked comfort food can bring on cravings in moments. Unfortunately, fall will soon lead to winter, and nobody wants to be standing outside in a snow storm trying to get a nicotine fix while everybody else is inside enjoying the holiday party. Use QuickRXRefill’s 5 top tips for quitting smoking to make sure that you’re not the one left outside at your next staff party.

1. Go Cold Turkey: Literally. Fall is such a wonderful time to quit smoking, clear your lungs, and enjoy the natural beauty of the season. For some, quitting takes a little medical help, for others cold turkey is the only way to go. Fortunately, autumn has some great delicacies to replace your addiction with. Feel a craving coming on? Try opting for a pumpkin spice latte instead, pop a small piece of Halloween candy, or find another way to keep your mouth and mind busy until the craving passes.

This method can add a little extra weight gain for some individuals, but your weight will even out as cravings decrease, and you lessen the frequency of your munching or sipping. To keep your waistline trim you can choose low calorie, low fat alternatives as your craving treat.

2. Get Prepared: Quitting smoking on a whim can be a recipe for failure, because you’ll find yourself reaching for that emergency pack the minute you’re unprepared for a craving. If you plan to quit, do it with a plan. Decipher what your triggers are that make you crave a cigarette and find ways to cut them out of your daily routine, or move them to a different time of day when it might not induce a craving. For example, if you usually have a cigarette with coffee and breakfast, wait until you’re at the office for that first coffee of the day so you can’t smoke while sipping.

Know your strategy and have all the tools in place. Are you quitting with the patch, gum, or a prescription medication from your physician? Have that tool ready and within arm’s reach, also provide yourself with alternatives to fill your oral fixation. Cut up carrot sticks and celery and keep them in the fridge, bring mixed nuts to work for healthy snacking, and keep your water bottle, or coffee cup filled throughout the day. Keeping your hands, mouth, and mind busy will keep cravings at bay for longer.

3. Find a Buddy: Nothing’s harder than quitting alone, especially if your friends are still smoking regularly. Find a buddy to lean on during your experience, and keep each other from falling into old habits and picking up that emergency pack of cigarettes throughout the week. Use your buddy to bounce ideas off, talk to when you’re feeling weak, and make plans with to stay busy and keep yourself from experiencing cravings.

If your spouse or partner is a smoker, quitting together is essential for a successful ending. If one partner quits and the other continues smoking, there will always be temptation and triggers around the house.

4. Avoid Old Haunts: It’s difficult to break old habits and build new ones, but quitting any addiction requires a change of scenery. If you usually head outside with the smokers on your lunchbreak from work, it’s time to find a new group of friends, and a different lunch table. Don’t put yourself in situations where you feel any more uncomfortable about your cravings than you already do.

Hanging out in bars where you know you’ll be more likely to bum a cigarette, or indulge while under the influence is a bad idea if you’re serious about quitting. The less you fall back into old habits in the beginning, the more likely it is that new habits will take root and you’ll find yourself smoke free by Christmas.

5. Talk to Your Doctor: Your doctor is there to help you get a handle on your health, and this includes your lung health. Smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, and chronic bronchitis. Your physician will be more than happy to help you lower your risk for these health concerns, and improve your lung capacity.

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