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5 Surefire Signs That Youre Living With (dangerously) High Blood Pressure

One of the most common medical issues around the world, the reality of the situation is that millions and millions of people are currently living with high blood pressure – and may not even know it.

Easily one of the more serious “invisible” medical conditions that have no real obvious signs or symptoms that there is an underlying issue, high blood pressure is a dangerous – and even potentially deadly – medical condition that needs to be taken care of just as soon as humanly possible.

Luckily, there are a number of truly affective high blood pressure tests, checkups, and other procedures you can move through to discover whether or not you have high blood pressure – as well as a number of highly recommended treatments and cures that you can begin using to lower your high blood pressure dramatically almost in an instant.

What exactly is high blood pressure anyways?

Before we dive into the specific signs and symptoms you should be looking for, it’s critical that you fully understand the reasoning behind why it’s so critical to search for high blood pressure in the first place.

We all understand that our hearts are responsible for keeping us alive on a regular basis, pumping blood all throughout the body on a consistent and regular basis. The blood carries nutrients and fuel to all of our major bodily components and systems, making sure that everything is regular and running just as it should.

However, high blood pressure is the result of higher and higher forces necessary to push blood through our arteries and veins – forcing the cardiovascular system to work overtime, adding up extra wear and tear that is unnecessary and could have a disastrous impact.

Another reason why high blood pressure is so dangerous and deadly is that most people – because the symptoms aren’t right in their face on a regular basis – don’t use the online prescriptions that they’ve been provided. I know it sounds a little bit crazy on the surface, but study suggests that nearly 85% of people who have received prescriptions for high blood pressure medicine are noncompliant with the specifics of using their medicines.

If you’re concerned as to whether or not you are living with high blood pressure at this very moment, here are five specific symptoms you’ll want to look for.

Headaches that seem to come out of nowhere and stay for long periods of time

One of the surefire signs that you are dealing with serious high blood pressure is if you get headaches out of nowhere (for no real reason whatsoever) that continue to increase in intensity over a long period of time. While these issues could be signs of other medical conditions, most people who have high blood pressure report headaches that building intensity before their diagnosis.

Extreme Fatigue and Sleepiness

If you’ve also found that you are getting your eight hours of sleep (as recommended) but still feel tired throughout the day, you may be dealing with some very real high blood pressure issues. This is because the blood is unable to shuttle all the necessary nutrients and fuel to your bodily systems in an efficient manner, which will cause you to slow down and feel sluggish even though you’re getting the requisite sleep

Confusion, cloudy thinking, and forgetfulness

Again, these specific symptoms may or may not point directly to high blood pressure in itself – or some other underlying medical condition – but if you feel as though you’re unable to think as clearly as you used to be, you may be dealing with a high blood pressure situation. Doctors have been talking about the cognitive impact high blood pressure has for years and years now, and it may be something that you want to further investigate just as soon as humanly possible.

Extreme Sweating and Blurred Vision

If you’re not exert yourself physically about are still profusely sweating, or you have blurred vision at any point in time, not only are you a high candidate for high blood pressure – but you also need to receive medical intervention just as soon as humanly possible. Don’t waste time trying to find answers from doctors if you are living with the symptoms, go out and seek high level and professional medical assistance just as soon as you can.

Bleeding from the Nose

Randomized bleeding from the nose is a surefire sign that you have high blood pressure, and it may have gotten too dangerous and even potentially deadly levels if it is not leaking out of your nasal passages. Obviously, this is a time to seek real medical assistance – without any delay whatsoever. Do not delay if you find that you are getting nosebleeds seemingly out of nowhere, there is something very wrong and you need assistance ASAP.

Effective Treatments for High Blood Pressure

If you do discover that you are living with a number of the symptoms outlined above (or any other symptoms closely linked to high blood pressure), understand that there are a number of effective treatment plans and tools available. Most of them are high level medicine solutions and drugs, and there are usually prescriptions available to tap into those products without breaking the bank. Diet and exercise is also an effective way to treat high blood pressure, but regardless of what you decide to do you’ll always want to speak with your trusted medical professional before moving forward.

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