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Kick Cigarettes to the Curb

One of the top 5 resolutions most North Americans make is to cut out bad habits, and this includes smoking cigarettes. Quitting smoking is difficult, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life. Before you start your journey to clear lungs and freedom from cravings, look at these tips to a clean break from smoking.

1. Get Medical Help: Many smokers feel that they need to go it alone throughout the quitting process, but studies have shown that having medical assistance can be a huge help. Whether through your family doctor, or an online medical consultant like the ones here at Quick RX Refill, using medications such as Wellbutrin, Chantix, and others, can boost your chances for success.

If medication isn’t for you, there are also therapeutic remedies which can be suggested by your doctor. From hypnosis to group therapy, there is support to quit smoking for those who seek it.

2. Go Cold Turkey: Gum, candy, and straws are all helpful while quitting cold turkey. If you don’t want to use any medical assistance during the quitting process, you can take the route chosen by many and quit with your own sheer will.

Most individuals who quit without medical assistance find the need to chew or suck things in order to fight their cravings. Lollipops, gum, straws, and other items will take your mind off the urge for a cigarette, while simultaneously keeping your mouth busy. Keeping hands busy with knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, or playing a video game is also useful for this quitting method.

3. Find A Buddy: Quitting alone is hard, especially if you live with somebody who still smokes. Finding a buddy, or quitting with your spouse offers a great deal of support. Not only will you have somebody to hold you accountable when you feel a craving, but you won’t be alone in your main goal to quit.

You should also avoid triggers which may cause you to casually have a smoke or two. Drinking alcohol, for example, can release you from inhibitions and make a single cigarette seem harmless. Similarly, if you used to have a smoke with your coffee in the morning, it might be a good idea to skip coffee, or switch to tea for a month. Studies show that it takes approximately 21 days to retrain the brain or form a new routine.

4. Over The Counter Relief: You don’t always need a prescription to seek medicinal help while quitting cigarettes. Medicated gum and patches are available over the counter through most pharmacies. Your doctor can offer insight on which brands are best, and may even have samples on hand to try.

Many individuals swear by these tools, and use them intermittently as needed, or regularly during the beginning of the quitting process. Most people will switch to regular chewing gum as the cravings lessen, and it becomes easier to spend a full day not needing a smoke.

Approximately half of the smokers in the world will die or suffer from a disease related to cigarette smoking. With a rise in the awareness of cancer causing chemicals and new smoking cessation treatments hitting the market regularly, there has never been a time when more help has been offered for those trying to quit. Don’t let your cravings control your life or your health in 2017.

If you are interested in quitting cigarette smoking for the new year, or any time of the year, you can book your online medical consultation through Quick RX Refill to receive a prescription for smoking cessation today.

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