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Are We Just a Short While Away From Online Prescription Breast Cancer Cures

A group of Cleveland medical professionals working at the Cleveland Clinic certainly believe so.
Working double overtime for the past 11 years, a small team of medical experts, researchers, scientists, and professionals in the pharmaceutical and drug world have been teaming up with one another and trying to perfect a breast-cancer cure in drug form.

Now, this shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise – after all, much of the medical industry and world has been trying to figure out a cure for cancer for decades and decades now. You’d think that we’d be a lot closer than we are today going down this road, but the truth of the matter is that breast-cancer (and other forms of this insidious medical condition) continues to be elusive and difficult to really eliminate.

Why is breast-cancer so difficult to cure?

One of the leading killers in America (and all over the world, to be honest), the truth of the matter is that breast-cancer claims hundreds of thousands of lives each and every single year – and the rate only continues to increase on in annual basis.

It’s expected that some hundred thousand women (and a smaller number of men) are going to be diagnosed with some stage of breast cancer this year as well – further adding to the numbers. Breast-cancer itself is one of the most insidious and dangerous forms of this medical condition there is, with a dramatically high mortality rate.

Even for survivors, breast-cancer has a nasty little habit of leaving marks and scars – both physical as well as psychological – and crippling your ability to lead a normal life after you have beat the disease. Then you have to worry about remission and mutation, more concerns that stack pressure and anxiety (the last thing you want when recovering) on top of the entire situation.

The reason that breast-cancer has been so difficult to cure, however, because cancer cells on their own are not a specific form of cell – but rather a mutation of regular cells that are almost impossible to predict. Sure, cancer cells all shared some sort of similarities to one another but the truth of the matter is that the genetic material they are made up of (in their specific markers) make it all but impossible to kill off those cancer cells while at the same time making sure that your regular cells stay healthy.

That’s all about to change.

Medical professionals at the Cleveland Clinic hope to provide prescription drugs that your breast cancer in the next few years

Taking a complete and total shift from the traditional way to try and combat cancer (by eliminating those cancer cells entirely – something we’ve demonstrated is next to impossible right now with our current level of technology), the professionals at the Cleveland Clinic are instead shifting their focus to defense.

Led by elite level medical professionals with decades and decades of experience combating serious diseases and conditions, these experts are focusing on trying to boost the human immune system absolutely through the roof – preventing cancer from ever taking hold in the first place.

While not exactly a cure to fight cancer after it has already established a foothold, the truth of the matter is that this new attempt could just be the game changer that breaks the medical world wide open.

Basically working to stimulate the immune system (boosting its capabilities dramatically), not only will this breakthrough drug help to prevent breast cancer and other forms of cancer from ever establishing themselves in the human body – it also has a number of other exciting applications as well. The shift in focus from curing the disease to preventing it in the first place (and forcing it to all but go extinct) is a relatively new change in consciousness and the results have been absolutely fantastic.

Still at least 10 years away

The only problem right now is the fact that the FDA testing (as well as a whole host of other regulations and rules that need to be met) are going to delay these types of online prescriptions from hitting the marketplace for nearly 10 years – even though the necessary initial testing is all but complete and the next phase could be wrapped up inside of two short years.

Tests have already proven to be amazingly effective (albeit with a relatively small sample size), and the next step is for these vaccines to move through the FDA approval process to begin testing in women. Those trials are projected to take at least two years, at which point the development cycle for pushing these drugs into the marketplace should be completed within a decade or so.

Obviously, initial signals are more than promising – or this much money would not be spent in trying to perfect the process – but it would be nice to see new developments earlier rather than later. However, as we all know, good things come to those who wait, so it will be exciting to see how these breakthrough drugs and developments fight against cancer.

With one in every eight women projected to end up dealing with breast cancer in their lifetime (the second leading cause of death amongst women of any age), the time is now to take advantage of any tools and technologies we can to rid ourselves from this serious medical condition forever. Hopefully these online prescriptions will do just that!

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