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Eat More Omega 3's

2017 calls for a healthier, happier you, and sometimes this starts with what you put into your body. One of the trends we’ve seen for this New Year is the resolution to eat more Omega 3’s. Unlike some of the more unreachable goals set by individuals over the holiday season, this one is completely realistic and holds several health benefits to those who achieve it.

Heart health, brain health, and even lung health can all be improved by ingesting more Omega 3’s. These healthy fatty acids are found in many natural ingredients, and can aid in everything from lowering triglyceride levels to decreasing asthma symptoms. Omega 3’s have also been found to boost the effects of anti-inflammatory medications used for arthritis and have been shown to improve symptoms of depression in some individuals.

Read along to find out ways that you can introduce more Omega 3’s into your diet in an organic and healthy way.

1. Put Fish on the Menu: Not only is fish loaded with rich nutrients, protein, and vitamin D, it’s also loaded with healthy fatty acids. Wild Alaska Salmon, Arctic Char, Sardines, and Mackerel are all wonderful examples of fish with a high Omega 3 count. Make Tuesdays fish night in your house, and find new and creative ways to enjoy fish. From grilled fish with lemon and a side salad, to creamy fish chowder, you won’t be short on recipes.

If you have picky eaters in your house, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make fish fun. From homemade fish fingers to a healthy take on fish n’ chips. There’s something for everyone when it comes to fish.

2. Add Some Seeds: Seeds aren’t commonly thought of as an ingredient in main courses, but they can add a load of Omega 3 along with flavor. Flax seeds are one heart healthy food which can provide you with a boost of Omega 3. Spring it on your yogurt, mix it into cereal, or add it to baked goods. You can also purchase store bought foods which list flax seeds as an ingredient. Remember to cut or grind the flax before eating it, otherwise the human body has a difficult time digesting it and you’ll miss out on all the great benefits it offers.

Chia seeds are another good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and are a fun way to thicken shakes, or add texture to pudding or yogurt. These seeds puff up and expand, making an almost gelatin feeling substance. Try adding a scoop to your next morning shake. 

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