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How to Exercise Safely in the Summer

It’s important to exercise all year round, and the summer poses the perfect time to get outside and maximize your workout. Unfortunately, the heat during the summer months can make it difficult to exercise without overheating. So, how do you enjoy the summer sun, and get your workout in at the same time? Check out these tips on staying cool and exercising safely during the summer months.

Start Early: The coolest time to exercise during the summer months is in the early morning, or late evening. If you have the option to get out early, you can get in a jog or run, enjoy some sunshine, and still make it to the beach for an afternoon of fun with the family. Try working in a morning and an evening run to maximize your health potential and stay cool while getting fit.

Hit the Water: An excellent way to stay fit over the summer season is swimming. This low impact cardio activity allows you to work your arms, legs, and core without overheating on a hot day. Hit the beach, lake, or a local pool to swim laps and get your heart pumping. Be careful not to overdo it, and always monitor the local swimming regulations before hopping into the ocean, as harsh currents or impending weather can make it dangerous to swim at some beaches.

Find Cover: Summer is a great time to hike and explore nature, and fortunately, this activity offers you the protection of shady trees. Be sure to pack enough water for your entire trek, and head out for the day beneath the cool canopy of trees at any local trail. Using the cover of trees to plot your journey, gives you the ability to really work up a sweat, without worrying about sunburns and overheating. You should still wear sunscreen and a hat when heading out on a sunny day, but the added layer of protection goes a long way to keep you cool and comfortable.

Seek Out the AC: Sure, the great outdoors is inviting on a warm summer day, but when things get hot and uncomfortable, there’s nothing quite like an air-conditioned gym to bring you comfort during a workout. Gym memberships can be expensive, which is why many people forego the price tag, and decide to workout at home or outside. To avoid overspending, look for special deals on for summer, or small packages for 1-3 month memberships, which will give you the flexibility to come and go as you choose.

Don’t Overdo It: Finally, be sure to keep workouts safe and comfortable, not overdoing it on hot days. Heat stroke risks are intensified when your core temperature is rising on its own accord, then mixed with the strong heat from the summer sun. If you choose to spend your workout time outside, take it easy. Try short bursts of exercise, followed by a cool drink and a break in the shade.

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