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Hypertension is a Silent Killer

With all of the play that healthy living, responsible eating, and fitness and exercise lifestyles have been getting in our modern world, it’s really amazing to see that so few people are talking about the real dangers that hypertension brings to the table.

One of the most devastating medical conditions that a human being can be diagnosed with, hypertension (also more commonly known as high blood pressure) is a systemic issue that can reach into almost every piece of your life – with crippling effects.

Doctor communities have long been speaking out about the risks associated with hypertension, with very few people paying any attention whatsoever. High blood pressure and hypertension are the kinds of medical issues associated with seniors – and fall under the umbrella of “old age” and everything associated with it.

However, more and more medical research is pointing to the fact that anyone – and literally everyone – is at risk for living with hypertension, specifically if they are moving forward with a lifestyle conducive to creating this condition in the first place. Hopefully you got to the kind of foundational knowledge you need in this quick and easy to read article do not only reverse the impact of hypertension, but to prevent it from taking over your life entirely moving forward.

What are the specific symptoms and dangers of hypertension?

Any medical professional or doctor (online or off) will tell you that the risks associated with hypertension are far-reaching and devastating in their impact.

We’re not just talking about a bit of dizziness, a reduced ability to function physically at high levels, more headaches – we’re talking about a complete and total shutdown of your cardiovascular system, either from implosion or explosion of your heart and other vital components.

Yes, high blood pressure can begin to cause havoc all throughout your body – springing leaks, breaking organs, and devastating your body in ways that we are only now beginning to discover.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Hypertension and high blood pressure can because by literally thousands of different things, which makes it so difficult to treat, reverse, and cure – but not impossible.

The real big problem for those looking to get rid of hypertension with a prescription (or through the advice of a doctor) is that many of the precursors to hypertension are genetic in nature. This means that you may be predisposed towards hypertension just by being born with the genetic makeup from your parents (and any other ancestors), and there’s very little that you can do about it.

However, modern science and research is showing that genetic information is not set in stone – and while it will certainly influence your health and well-being, it’s not the only determining factor. By following some of the information provided below on how best to manage hypertension, you should be able to reverse many of those risk factors – mitigating them entirely in some instances.

Another real reason why people are living with high blood pressure is because of the sedentary lifestyle that we meet, combined with absolutely terrible nutritional habits. All throughout our development, humans have had to stay on the move constantly and consistently – either hunting for food, foraging for it, or moving to more attractive environments on a regular basis. This led to a tremendously active lifestyle as well as a diet that consisted of only the freshest foods possible.

Fast for two today, and you’ll find that most of us are sitting in front of computers and keyboards eight or 10 hours on the day – and eating anything that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less. This is let us to devour food so far from its natural form that it’s mostly a chemical concoction now, which is just wreaking havoc on our bodies.

There are also a number of other psychological impacts that can increase your risks with hypertension – including the stress and pressure of everyday life – with your doctor will probably be able to give you a couple of helpful hints to mitigate those temporary searches.

How can I best approach reducing hypertension?

The first key to eliminating hypertension from your body forever is not to seek out the very best doctor willing to give you a prescription – but instead to see just how “deep in the rabbit hole” you currently are. You’ll need to have your blood pressure checked at the very least (should probably submit to a full blood test), but you want to get your hands on baseline numbers before doing anything else.

Secondly, and always with the advice of your doctor, you’ll want to begin a more healthy lifestyle – including exercise regiments and healthy eating. Depending upon your specific goals (and how bad your hypertension has already gotten) the plans for creating this healthy lifestyle will fluctuate on a case-by-case basis, but as a general rule of thumb you’ll want to eat foods that are as close to their natural form as possible while at the same time exercising at least three times a week.

Hypertension can be conquered, but it’s going to take a concerted effort from you to do so. Into all the resources that you have available, check out all of the different research provided hypertension doctor  services, and don’t be afraid of investigating some of the prescription solutions for this condition.

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