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How Does Abreva Work to Prevent Cold Sores?

Cold sores are not only uncomfortable, but there is also a social stigma attached to them that makes people ashamed of showing their faces in public when one of them appears. The face is an area of the body that can’t really be hidden, which is why these sores are such a reviled problem; this is also why individuals might benefit from taking fast action instead of delaying the treatment. Those that struggle with this condition on a recurring basis are often willing to try just about anything to ensure that they don’t have to go through the experience again and again, and Abreva is helping many people accomplish just that. Not only is this medication able to prevent them from appearing, but it might just assist in preventing the spread of the sore, which is something that can easily turn a small blister into a big problem.

Since many people do not want to have to visit the doctor every time a cold sore appears, they might want to opt for non-prescription medications, such as Abreva, which will work effectively at controlling the outbreaks of cold blisters. While this treatment might not be able to cure the underlying cause of the condition, which is the herpes simplex virus, it can help to prevent the sores from appearing. Those that want to know how Abreva works to accomplish should start out by learning a bit more about how these blisters develop in the first place, thus allowing them to determine when and how a tingling sensation can be prevented from becoming a full blown cold sore.

The herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing these sores to develop, and once a person has been infected with this virus, they will have the condition for life. Every time an outbreak occurs, blisters will begin to appear, although there are certain times when this is more likely to happen than others, and this includes periods where the immune system is weak. When an outbreak does occur, patients will begin to experience symptoms that will give them the chance to prepare for what lies ahead. In the beginning, patients might not understand why they are presenting with certain symptoms, but over time, they will come to identify the signs that a cold sore is about to appear.

Tingling sensations in certain areas, such as the lips, are usually the first sign that a cold sore is going to appear, and it usually happens in that same spot. This first sign usually appears as far back as several days before any sores are apparent, which is more than enough time for patients to take action and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. The outbreak happens soon after this, and it is usually not long before the sore begins to weep; this is usually a clear liquid that drips from the blister. After a few days, a crust forms over it and it begins to heal soon afterward. The condition doesn’t disappear overnight; it usually starts to shrink in size until it dissipates completely.

It is quite common for these sores to appear in the same places every time an outbreak occurs, and when the tingling sensation begins, individuals need to take action to prevent this from happening. This treatment comes in the form of a cream that needs to be applied to the affected area about five times a day, and the sooner this is done, the better. The cream is not only able to prevent the cold sores from breaking out, but it might also be able to stop one from growing larger in the event that it appears, which is very good news to individuals who were not able to recognize the signs in time and found themselves having to deal with  this problem appearing overnight.

Ultimately, cold sores are not only physically taxing, but they can also make someone feel uncomfortable, especially individuals who are required to work with other people. It is quite common for individuals to find something that works very well and stick to it throughout the years whenever they have to deal with this type of outbreak, and Abreva is quickly becoming one of those go-to products.

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