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Trim Down for Bathing Suit Season with These 5 Tips

Summer means bathing suit season, but it can be difficult to shed those pounds with all the great BBQ’s and fresh summer punch being served everywhere you go. Try these 5 healthy at-home weight loss tips to get in summer shape fast.

1. Eat Fresh: You might not be able to say no to every burger that comes your way this summer season, but you can make healthy choices while you enjoy. Rather than using processed store bought patties, make your own with fresh ground turkey, and try substituting white buns for whole wheat. You can also use large leaves of ice berg lettuce to wrap your burger, rather than using a bun.

2. Work in Exercise Naturally: Not everybody has the time or money to get to the gym on a regular basis, but you can work in exercise naturally by planning activities which get your heart rate up. Swimming, biking, hiking, and walking are great ways to achieve your cardio goals without overspending. As a bonus, swimming can be a great working, and a cool activity on a hot day.

3. Choose Fruit Over Ice Cream: Spring and summer bring out some of the best desserts, from strawberry shortcake, to ice cream sundaes, and saying no can be hard. Rather than avoiding your sweet tooth altogether, give in but choose heathy options. Fruit can be fun if you’re willing to try new things. From wedges of watermelon, to poached pears, and tropical creations using mango and kiwi, there’s plenty to try and enjoy without the extra weight gain that comes from white sugar additives.

4. Take a Little Not a Lot: Don’t leave out all the good stuff this summer season, instead, treat yourself in small portions. Use a small salad plate, rather than a dinner plate to serve your meals on, and choose a small piece of dessert, or only a few potato chips when it comes time to snack. Avoiding these cravings altogether can make them worse, and cause you to binge later when you get hungry and need a sugar fix. By having a little bit when you want it, you fulfil your craving without too many extra calories.

5. Drink Plenty of Water: Water is super important during the summer months to keep you hydrated and cool, but it can also help curb hunger. Eating a healthy portion size and drinking a full glass of water will fill you up and leave you satisfied without the need for a second helping. It can also be easy to misdiagnose a thirsty signal for a hunger signal, so try water first and then snack. Water also helps with digestion, so it’s a great way to ensure that everything is being digested properly so that nutrition can be dispersed accordingly.

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