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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Not Cancer Causing
Quick RX Refills specializes in cases of erectile dysfunction, along with a number of other medical conditions, offers their quick and easy prescription refill services for U.S. citizens.

Menopause Relief Through Alternative Medicine
Menopause is a natural part of life, bringing with it the eventual end of ovulation, menstruation cramps, and more.

New Hope For Expecting Mothers With Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is the feeling of nausea which often accompanies pregnancy. In fact, more than half of the expecting women across the globe are said to feel this malady.

Breast Feeding Reduces Risk of Ear Infections
It has long been documented that breast feeding offers an enormous list of benefits, both to baby and mother, but recent studies show that it might be time to add one more item to that list...

Shift Work Linked To Low Cognitive Functionality
There has long been a link between sleep and cognitive function, but recent research has found that shift work may actually lower your ability to think straight.

The Birth Control Pill Has More Side Effects Than You Think
Birth control pills aren't new, although there have been many improvements over the years.

Eating Disorders Appearing Younger
In a world where magazine covers depict perfect bodies and airbrushed curves, it should come as no surprise that eating disorders are becoming more apparent in younger generations.

Eat More Vegetables To Avoid Breast Cancer
Okay, so there's no way to 100% avoid breast cancer, but there are ways for you to reduce the chances of obtaining the disease in the first place.

Anxiety Recently Linked To IBS
Anxiety research has come a long way over the last decade, leading to a number of treatments and therapy options for those who suffer from its crippling symptoms.

Migraines And IBS Have Something In Common
Migraines are highly common in North America, and known for the debilitating pain they deliver. Unlike standard headaches, migraines can cause blinding pain, light sensitivity, and even nausea.

No Miracle Cure For The Hangover
Despite popular opinion, there is no true miracle cure for the hangover, and even the old faithful concept of chugging back a few glasses of water and munching on greasy food isn't going to save you after a long night at the clubs.

Oral Hygiene Linked To Development Of Alzheimers
Aging and gum disease certainly have a correlation, but recent studies have also shown that oral hygiene could be linked to other factors as well.

Regular Workouts Reduce Hot Flashes
Exercise is known to cure many evils in this world, from obesity to IBS, but recent studies have shown that regular workouts could also relieve those nasty hot flashes you have been experiencing.

Research Shows Video Games Have Some Enriching Benefits
Video games have long had a bad rap when it comes to children and the effect that these digital creations have on their young minds.

Your Dizziness Could Be Linked To Low Blood Pressure
Standing up too fast after a long rest can cause dizziness, and most people pass this off as a head rush when changing position, but recent research says it could be more than that

Your Hot Flashes Could Be Telling You Something
Anytime in your life when hormonal changes begin to occur, you know that you're in for something new.

Vitamin D Levels May Impact Irritable Bowel Syndrome
The direct cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is unknown, and while there is no absolute cure, the syndrome is manageable through life and dietary changes.

Coffee Shows Signs Of Improving Athletic Ability
A new study by the University of Georgia has shown that one of the most popular beverages in North America, coffee, has the potential to boost the athletic abilities of those who indulge during sporting activities.

Late Nights Make For Dangerous Drives
A recent study performed by the Women's Hospital of Boston has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. India Times explains: "Night shift workers may be at an increased risk for drowsy driving crashes because of disruption to their sleep-wake cycles and insufficient sleep, a new study has warned."

Limes: The Healthy Fruit You Never Knew You Needed
With the rise of the superfood movement, it's never surprising to see a new food ingredient on the rise, and this seems to be the year that the lime takes the spotlight.

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