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3 Newsworthy Weight Loss Tricks You Should Know About

With the rise of obesity in North America and globally, comes many new methods of weight loss and research programs to tackle this health issue. Aside from the many new fad diets, meal plans, and exercise programs popping up all over the world, there have also been a few new breakthroughs in more natural methods to report. The first thing to understand when it comes to weight loss is that it needs to be a life change, not a diet that is scheduled to last a few months and then set aside only to return to your bad eating habits. You’ve got to commit to the changes by making small differences that are realistic and easy to maintain. With that being said, check out these for newsworthy weight loss tricks to try for yourself.

Avocado Assistance

Recently there’s been a spike in the popularity of foods containing antioxidants, particularly when it comes to anti-aging properties and the many detoxifying qualities that they possess. This can mean a variety of choices to absorb these natural health aids. Medical News Today explains: “Now, new research suggests that one-half of a fresh avocado with lunch may satisfy hunger in overweight individuals, reducing their need to snack after a meal. This is according to a study published in the Nutrition Journal.”

This is certainly one way that weight loss can become more accessible for those who enjoy their meals. Avocado is so versatile that you could easily add it to breakfast with a side of scrambled eggs, dice it up into a salad for lunch or wrap it in sushi for a dinner time meal.

More Fiber Means Less Fat

Another commonly known fact is that fruits and vegetables are great weight loss companions and are full of natural nutrients and vitamins that your body requires to stay healthy. The important thing to remember in this range of foods is that moderation is key because obviously some fruits are still rather high in sugar. The way that produce works to help you shed pounds is through the fiber it adds to your diet. Science Daily reports: “The protective effect of these fibers is well known to researchers: animals fed a fiber-rich diet become less fat and are less likely to develop diabetes than animals fed a fiber-free diet.”

Try adding a side of fruit or vegetables to every meal in order to reap the benefits of this practice; the leafy green variety are usually best.

Alcohol Causes Fat Burning Malfunctions

It’s long been known that piling on the booze at parties or weekend outings can cause you to pack on the pounds, and the telltale beer belly is thus named because drinking beer can cause fat retention. However, most people tend to assume that the culprit behind alcohol weight gain is due to the high levels of sugar and carbohydrates that float around in these sometimes bubbly beverages. Of course the truth behind this liquid induced weight gain actually has to do with a very specific reaction in your liver. It’s well documented that your liver is what detoxifies your body, and when you mix a little rum or vodka into your drink it will separate these poisons and help flush them out, but increased levels of toxins that you gain from these liquids can actually cause abnormal responses in this part of your body. When this happens your liver can no longer burn fat, and instead liver cells begin turning this access into fat. Overtime a few too many at the bar could lead to a few extra pounds you weren’t counting on, and it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking it straight or with mix.


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