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5 Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Relationship
February is filled with romance, between the softly falling flakes of snow, and the celebration of St. Valentine, couples should find plenty of ways to celebrate their love this month

6 Aphrodisiac Foods to Try This Valentine’s Day
Looking for a way to increase your libido, or get your partner’s engine going this Valentine’s Day? Aphrodisiacs are food, drink, or other things which cause an increase in sexual excitement when experienced.

6 Ways to Naturally Enhance Oxytocin Production This Valentine’s Day
Oxytocin is a naturally produced hormone, secreted by a pituitary gland no larger than a pea. While the gland is small, its impact on your life is not.

Can You Buy Prescription Drugs Online?
Like many other questions regarding prescription drugs, the legalities of online sales are not as cut and dry as they could be. There are many factors which go into the modern industry that is telemedicine, and its governing bodies. Can you buy online prescriptions? Absolutely, but not for everything, and not from anywhere.

Chocolate and Romance: How this Sweet Treat Could Enhance Your Sex Life
Chocolate has long been associated with romance, and is a staple of Valentine’s Day culture around the world. Despite the common notion that Valentine’s Day was invented by the chocolate companies, both chocolate and Valentine’s Day are being grossly misrepresented.

How Do I get a Prescription Online?
Whether you’re out of town, your doctor is on vacation, or you simply don’t have access to a local physician, online prescription services have made it possible for you to access your medication over the internet.

Is It Legal to Buy Prescription Drugs Online?
Wondering if it’s legal to purchase your prescription online? The answer to this question isn’t all black and white, as the legality of buying prescription drugs online depends on a variety of factors

Can a Doctor Write a Prescription Online?
In an age when just about anything can be completed or procured over the internet, the question stands to reason, “can a doctor write a prescription online?”

Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season with These 5 Tips
The holidays can be great for the heart and soul, but not so great on the waistline or wallet. Looking for a way to avoid gaining weight this holiday season, so you don't have to lose it in the New Year?

How to Burn off That Thanksgiving Holiday Weight Before Christmas
Thanksgiving brings together all the best parts of humanity, friends, family, great food, thankful thoughts, and football! But after all the fun and games, you're left feeling too full to move, and with a few extra pounds around the middle.

Keeping Fit Over the Holidays: 4 Tips
The holidays are the worst time to try and maintain a slim figure. All those delicious desserts, rich entrees, and sweet and savory snacks being passed around can cause quite the temptation.

5 Tips to Protect Your Immune System Over the Busy Holidays
Holidays bring everybody together, and while celebrations are a time for happiness and fun, they can also be a time for germ sharing, and flu swapping.

5 Healthy Ways to Stay Active with Your Family This Fall
Summer is over, and with it ends many of the outdoor activities you enjoy in the sun. Autumn brings cool weather, and cozy jackets, but it doesn't mean you can't still get active as a family.

Fall Foods Packed with Flavor and Health Benefits
Fall brings changing leaves, cooler weather, and the preparation for winter. It's the perfect time for soups, stews, and root vegetables to make an appearance in the culinary world.

Health and Safety Tips for Fall Chores
Fall brings with it plenty of unforeseen yard work, house work, and other types of work which can pose unnecessary risk if not performed properly.

Health and Wellness Tips to Try This Fall
Fall brings cooler weather, and any change in season also brings on a change in bacteria. This means cold and flus are abundant, and flu shots are in order.

5 Tips to Quit Smoking in the Fall
As the weather begins to cool, and all the delicious sights, smells, and tastes of fall come into play, it can become extra difficult for smokers to stop.

5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Weight Through the Holiday Season
Autumn leaves behind the fruity beach cocktails and BBQs of summer, but it brings with it plenty of rich foods in the form of Halloween junk and thanksgiving feasts.

Top 6 Fall Superfoods to Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy
At QuickRXRefills, we see our fair share of individuals trying to get healthy, avoid that winter weight gain, and improve nutritional habits.

5 Fall Workouts to Keep You Healthy After a Summer of Fun
Summer provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and unplanned workouts. From frisbee on the beach to nightly swims. When fall hits, however, it can be difficult to find the time or space to workout

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