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4 Healthy Eating Tips To Use While Travelling this Summer

One of the best things about travelling during summer vacation is having the opportunity to try new and exciting foods. Unfortunately, not all these foods are the healthiest of options. If you plan on hitting the road over the sunny months, here are 4 tips for eating healthy on your travels.

1. Check the Menu: Before pulling into a restaurant you’ve never heard of, run a quick internet search for the menu on your phone. This will give you an idea of the types of foods you can choose from and help you determine whether there are any healthy options on the menu. While a burger and shake might sound good on leg one of the journey, they’ll get old quick and could lead to tummy troubles down the road.

You can also check out the local restaurants and food stops along your route before you set off. Select a route that allows you access to healthy meals, rather than junk food the whole way there.

2. Avoid the Fast Food: Fast food is convenient, cheap, and can be pretty tasty, but it isn’t very good for you. One of the best ways to avoid adding inches to your waistline while on vacation is to stay choose sit-down restaurants over fast food. Even if you pick a restaurant with fish and chips as the star entrée, you’re sure to find a soup and sandwich option to fill you up without the extra grease or empty calories.

3. Pack Snacks: Snacks aren’t meals, but they can help you get from one pit stop to the next without indulging in your craving for deep fried tacos. By packing snacks from home, you stay in control of what goes into your body, and can choose items which are flavorful and healthy. For chilled items, load a cooler with frozen water bottles or ice packs, and enjoy vegetable sticks and dip, fresh fruit, and homemade sandwiches on the way to your destination.

Bring some ingredients which don’t require refrigeration and keep them in your purse or backpack while exploring new cities and other destinations. Trail mix, raisins, nuts, and other dried fruit make a great natural energy booster when out and about.

4. Drink lots of Water: Staying hydrated is a great way to keep yourself from misreading hunger signals. Tourist seasons brings out plenty of food trucks and snack carts loaded with cotton candy, chips, hot dogs, and churros. To avoid temptation, drink plenty of water, and remember to eat regular meals throughout the day. Bringing a bottle of frozen water with you in the morning will guarantee a cool drink whenever you need it, as the bottle defrosts throughout the day.

If you choose to drink coffee, tea, juice, or other beverages, try to drink water as well, and don’t overindulge in added sugar. There’s nothing wrong with a cup of Joe to get you started in the morning, but it can quickly become a load of unnecessary calories if you load on the cream and sugar.

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