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5 Foods That Boost Metabolism

Part of living a healthy life is eating foods which your body can benefit from. Food is designed to give you energy, and cultivate a healthy mind and body. Different foods offer different advantages to those who eat them. One of these advantages is for your metabolism.

Your metabolism works by helping your body break down food and turn it into energy, which is the burned off. This is what helps you walk, talk, think, and function as a human being. A high metabolism can be more energy, and the ability to burn fuel more quickly.

Slow metabolisms can result in low energy, fatigue, and weight gain, while a fast metabolism coincides with having more energy, better focus, and maintaining or losing weight. While many aspects of metabolism are biologically and genetically driven, there are some foods which can help get your metabolism up. Check out these 5, which found useful:

1. Beans: It seems like such a plain ingredient, but one thing that all beans have in common is a high level of fiber. Fiber is a powerful fuel, which your body burns through quickly, giving you high levels of energy, and helping you maintain healthy digestion and weight levels. Fiber is one of the two main ingredients when boosting your metabolism; the other is protein.

2. Celery: Flavorful and aromatic, celery has a very low calorie count, which means that while you chew it, you burn calories, you aren’t taking in. It’s also high in fiber, and can be added to several dishes, or eaten raw as a snack. Cooked celery has a very different taste from raw celery, and goes well in soups and stews. Find ways to add this vegetable to your next meal for energy-filled results.

3. Almonds: This food needs to be eaten in small amounts, but they are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids. They are a fatty food, in that natural healthy fat kind of way, but eating them as a snack, or garnish in a salad or stir fry can jump-start your metabolism, and help your body begin burning fuel faster. Almonds work particularly well as a breakfast food to start the day off right.

4. Green Tea: This is more of a beverage than a food, but it still has lots of health benefits. Green tea is caffeinated, which boosts metabolism on its own. It also has amounts of EGCG, which is actually a naturally produced chemical used by companies in some diet pills. Green tea can be enjoyed as a hot beverage in the morning or afternoon. Beware of drinking too much after lunch, because caffeine can have lasting effects of up to 7 hours in your body.

5. Lemon: This tangy fruit, isn’t just a great garnish, it also helps your digestive tract, which is why so many detox programs use lemon water as a daily product. Drop a wedge of lemon in your tea, a cup of hot water, or in ice water with your meal. You can also drizzle fresh lemon over salad, or fish dishes to gain the nutrient rich benefits of this fruit.

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