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5 Fall Workouts to Keep You Healthy After a Summer of Fun

Summer provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and unplanned workouts. From frisbee on the beach to nightly swims. When fall hits, however, it can be difficult to find the time or space to workout. At QuickRXRefills, the health of our clients is important to us, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 5 workouts to try this fall. Just because the weather is changing, doesn’t mean your health goals must.

1. 5K Runs: There are often 5K runs year-round, but many pop up in the fall because of the prime running weather. Don’t go into a 5K without prepping yourself; it may not be as tough as a full marathon, but it can certainly kick you in the pants if you aren’t used to running. Find a 5K run in your area, and start getting ready by walking, then jogging, then running short distances around your neighborhood. You might also be able to find a running buddy or a running group who are also prepping for a race online or at your local community center.

2. Apple Picking: Nothing says fall like apple picking with the family. It may not seem it, but apple picking can be quite the workout. With all the walking, reaching, stretching, and carrying loads of apples around the orchard, you’ll definitely go home happy and tired. Make a day of it, or turn it into a unique date with a new flame, and see how many apples you can pick. Just be careful that all that apple picking doesn’t lead to too much pie eating, or it will cancel out all your hard work.

Another fall favorite for a fun bout of cardio is the corn maze that man communities put on during the autumn months. Bring a friend and see how long it takes you to make it out of the maze, just be sure to pack plenty of water and rehydrate as you go. They don’t usually have concession stands inside the corn maze.

3. Yard Work with the Family: Fall is a great time to experience yard work as a family, and much of it offers opportunity for a good sweat. Flowers are dying, the lawn is still growing, and leaves are falling. Time to deadhead the flowerbeds, mow the lawn, and rake the yard. Get everything involved to make light work of your chores, and have fun doing them.

Not only are you enjoying time as a family, and getting in a light workout, but you’re also scratching a few items off of your “to do” list.

4. Bike Rides in the Park: Fall is a great time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities because it isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold. Dress in layers, so that you can shed a sweater when you get too warm, or bundle up when the cool breeze hits, and grab your bicycle. Biking through the park, or even around your neighborhood, is a great way to include regular daily cardio without breaking the bank or stressing for time. You can bike for half an hour after dinner, or make it part of your workday by biking to the office instead of driving.

Be sure to invest in a light, bell, and reflectors if you plan on biking on the road, or at night. Bike safety is just as important as car safety, so wear your helmet, and learn turn and stop signals before heading out.

5. Find a Class: There may not be snow on the ground, but the weather is getting cooler. This makes fall a great time to find an indoor workout class. Socialize with like-minded individuals trying to stay healthy over the autumn months, and get fit by choosing a class that really speaks to you. Not sure which class to choose? Consider the hobbies of your youth, were you a basketball player in high school? What about track and field? If you just can’t pick, try a basic boot camp; these high intensity courses are designed to whip you into shape after a summer of indulging, and will open doors to plenty of other fun classes you might like to try in the future.

Another benefit to a fitness class is that you can bring a friend. Find a workout buddy, or bring your family, and enjoy the class together. Studies show that exercising with a partner helps keep you motivated and on task more so than exercising regularly alone.

Did fall come a little too fast, and you’ve found yourself in need of a prescription refill?

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