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5 Healthy Practices for an Easy Back to School Transition

The warm weather may not have completely disappeared yet, but beach towels and sunscreen will soon be traded for backpacks and pencils. Back to school time is just around the corner, and with it comes seasonal changes, the introduction of new germs, and the need for packed lunches. At QuickRXRefills, we know that parenting is difficult enough without the added stress of worrying about your child’s health at school. That’s why we’ve created a list of 5 healthy practices to get your little guy or gal back into the swing of things.

1. Keep It Clean: Kids are constantly touching things that other kids touch, from pencil sharpeners to doorknobs, which makes it virtually impossible to avoid passing on germs and bacteria. Fortunately, you can prepare your little one with healthy practices and the tools to enforce them while away from home. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available at most pharmacies and grocery stores, and while your child may not use them on every surface they touch, they certainly come in handy in places where food is concerned.

Of course, the best practice for clean hands is to wash with soap and water, but sometimes the school yard is beckoning at recess and there just isn’t time for a bathroom stop. A squirt of hand sanitizer goes a long way to keep anything picked up on a classroom desk from passing onto that chocolate chip granola bar.

2. Stay Hydrated: Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean your child should drink less water. Staying hydrated is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. It protects your skin, keeps organs functioning properly, and helps your body flush out toxins through sweat and waste. For a child aged 5-8 the recommended daily serving of water is 1 litre. This goes up to 1.5 litres from age 9-12, and 2 litres for those aged 13 and up.

Help your child stay on top of hydration by packing a reusable water bottle, rather than juice boxes or soda with their lunch. A great way to keep water cold and fresh all day is to fill a bottle half way, and freeze it overnight. In the morning, add cold water until the bottle is filled and throughout the day the ice will melt, making each sip a refreshing one.

3. Enforce Healthy Snacking: Summertime tends to instill a sense of freedom and fun with eating. Endless BBQs, interesting desserts, and sugary drinks can make it difficult to switch back into healthy mode when school arrives. To help your child be successful with his or her eating habits, pack healthy choices that are also fun to eat. Homemade muffins made with unsweetened apple sauce, rather than sugar, make a great recess snack, and give the impression of eating cake. Most children will turn their noses up at a salad, but carrot sticks, celery, and ranch dipping sauce are fun finger foods that can be eaten on the go with a bit of whimsy.

If you have a picky eater, try including your child in the weekly grocery shopping mission to choose items that he or she likes to eat. If sandwiches are on the weekly lunch menu, give your child a few options to choose from. Being part of the food choosing process will give your little one a sense of pride when it comes time to eat their school lunches that week.

4. Keep Sharing to a Minimum: Of course, you want your child to share, and have good social etiquette at school, but you must draw the line somewhere. Sharing lunches and snacks on the schoolyard is an age-old tradition. Unfortunately, it’s also a common way to spread germs that will go straight into your child’s mouth.

If you don’t want to use a no sharing food on the school yard rule with your child, consider packing a “shareable item” in his or her lunch each day. This should be something which is prewrapped, and unopened. Create a plan with your son or daughter that if they wish to make a trade at school, it should also be a wrapped item, which has not been opened. This minimizes the sharing of bacteria at lunch time.

5. Dress in Layers: Autumn weather can be unpredictable. Some days will feel as though summer never ended, while others will call for rainboots and warm sweaters. To help your child avoid catching a chill, dress him or her in layers. A light t-shirt, covered with a warm sweater makes it easy to customize their outfit to the weather as the day progresses.

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