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5 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Weight Through the Holiday Season

Autumn leaves behind the fruity beach cocktails and BBQs of summer, but it brings with it plenty of rich foods in the form of Halloween junk and thanksgiving feasts. With so many delicious foods being passed around it can be difficult to maintain that bikini body and avoid temptation. At QuickRXRefills, we understand how important weight management can be to heart, liver, and brain health. To keep your body and mind fit throughout the autumn holidays this year, check out these 5 tips to stay trim.

1. Hide the Candy: One of the major killers of any fall diet is Halloween candy. It hits the grocery store shelves near the end of the summer, flashing shiny chocolate bar wrappers and lollipops everywhere you look. Many stores use this time as an opportunity to sell the candy at a discount, hoping to get early buyers looking to save on fall deals. So, how do you keep yourself from indulging early?

Willpower is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and keeping the candy out of sight and out of mind are a key factor at controlling these snacking urges. If you do decide to buy the Halloween junk early, be sure to put it somewhere you won’t see it regularly Hide it on a high shelf, or in a basement cupboard until it’s time to hand out the loot to trick or treaters.

2. Make Healthy Choices: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows, rich turkey gravy, cornbread stuffing, and candied carrots are a one-way ticket to a larger pair of pants. While it’s great to indulge in all these treats in moderation, it never hurts to make healthier options instead. If you cut back on the sugar and fat levels of some of these dishes, you can avoid any holiday guilt that might follow.

Instead of candied carrots, try roasted asparagus, with shallots and garlic for a burst of flavor. Cut out the marshmallow toping, and eat your sweet potato with a pinch of salt and pepper. When mixing your turkey gravy use a low sodium vegetable stock, rather than the fat drippings from the bird. You can cut back on calories but still include plenty of flavor by making small adjustments to family favorite recipes.

3. Keep Up the Cardio: Summer brings plenty of surfing, swimming, hiking, and biking, but what happens when the sun disappears and the leaves begin to fall? Keeping up with your summertime cardio routines is a great way to keep fit throughout the autumn holidays. Walking the dog, joining a fall boot camp class, or revisiting that forgotten gym membership are good ways to get your blood pumping, strengthen your heart and lungs, and stay fit.

4. Don’t Drink Calories: Crisp autumn air brings an enthusiasm for hot toddies and apple cider, but these extra calories can add a lot more than you realize to your daily intake. Rather than drinking your calories, eat them by making healthy choices and selectin meals which satisfy hunger and provide nourishment for your body and mind.

If you do decide to drink over the fall holiday season, choose light beer over full beer, clear liquor over dark, and diet soda over full-sugar mix. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a drink now and then, but the key to healthy drinking is to do so in moderation.

5. Set Reasonable Goals: Losing weight isn’t all about rules and restrictions, it’s also about setting healthy goals, which are reasonable and reachable. Choosing goals which you know you can meet will increase chances of success and motivate you to stick to a plan.

For example, don’t set the unreasonable expectation of losing more than 30lbs before Christmas. A healthy weight loss goal is approximately 1lb per week. Many individuals will lose a large sum the first week as the body is shocked into weight loss, but following this, many plateau and weight loss slows. Rather than treating it like a sprint, treat it like a marathon. Take your time, make good choices, and follow a plan.

Whatever your fall holidays bring, remember that its more important to stay healthy than to stay thin. Select foods that give your body what it needs, drink plenty of water to hydrate organs and keep skin and hair soft, and try your best to get a full night’s sleep every night. Good sleeping habits are crucial to healthy weight loss and weight management. 

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