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5 Top Fall Exercises to Stay on Top of Your Fitness Goals

Fall is a busy time of year with back to school, Halloween costumes to buy, and Thanksgiving turkeys to baste. Don’t let your fitness goals get lost in the transition. If you’re finding it difficult to find time to work out, consider these 5 workout tips to keep your cardio routine fresh all year long.

1. Embrace the Season: Swimming and kayaking might be at an end for the year, but you can get your cardio fix by embracing the season. A great way to get a workout and get a little housework done at the same time is to rake leaves with your family. Kids love jumping in leave piles, and you’ll enjoy raking them too, if you want a good upper back and bicep workout.

Another great way to incorporate the season into your workouts is through seasonal cleaning and yard work. Clearing gutters, removing outdoor debris from the roof and yard, and of course, interior cleaning for the impending holidays can all bring about a good sweat. Fall is the best time to winter-proof your house, while it’s still warm enough to enjoy, and cool enough that you won’t overheat.

2. Hiking in the Woods: Sure, you can hike just about any season of the year, but fall brings out the fantastic foliage, crunching leaves beneath your feet, and plenty of animals getting ready for hibernation. If you have a dog, this is a great opportunity to explore trails and paths together and let your pet’s sniffer run wild with the new and exciting scents of the season. Fall is a wonderful time for hiking because it provides cool enough weather to enjoy yourself, without the rain and muck of spring, or the cold and ice of winter.

If you’re not much for hiking, walking and cycling can be equally as enjoyable, and give you the same 30-60-minute daily cardio your body needs to stay healthy and get in shape.

3. Move the Treadmill Closer to the Television: Fall is the start of plenty of television favorites, but plunking yourself down in front of the TV for hours on end isn’t very healthy. To get your exercise and enjoy your favorite program as well, move your treadmill or stationary bike closer to the television. Anytime you plan to sit back with snacks and binge watch Netflix, hop on the elliptical instead.

Eventually, it will become a habit, and catching up on our favorite zombie drama, will ultimately mean putting in some extra cardio time. Building this habit can be difficult at first, because most people want to spend TV time cozy on the couch, but studies show that it takes 21 days to build a habit, and after the first three weeks, you’ll be just as comfortable on the treadmill as you are on that big comfy chair in the corner.

4. Enjoy a Run in the Dark: The days are getting shorter, and the dark evaporates later in the morning and creeps on earlier in the evenings. This can make it difficult to get out of bed, complete routine activities, or find the motivation to workout. Nobody wants to leave the comfort of a warm bed when it’s chilly and dark outside in the morning, but this is a great time to get in a workout. Embrace the darkness, and use the solitude to your convenience.

Strap on reflective bright clothing, pack a water bottle, and see what your neighborhood looks like in the dim light of morning. Reward yourself with a sunrise during your cooldown period, and you’ll feel better for the rest of the day. Just because the seasons change and the light comes later, doesn’t mean you can’t do all the things you love to keep your body healthy.

5. Use Your House to Your Advantage: Stair stepping, planks, and squats are all great ways to work out core muscle groups, and you don’t need a fancy gym to do them. Find a quiet, open space in your house, or use everyday areas like your stairwell, or kitchen counter to help you do stair steps, and achieve the deep hold for a series of squats.

Fall weather can bring a nip to the air, and not everybody enjoys that cold when trying to exercise. On days when you just can’t bring yourself to go outside, enjoy the ambience and opportunity that your home offers instead.

Fall can be a busy time with back to school, the end of vacation, and new goals at work. Sometimes important things, such as prescription get left by the wayside, and doctors aren’t always available to refill them.

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