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5 Ways to Cope with Seasonal Allergies at Home

Allergies can be a nightmare this time of the year, read along to learn about 5 strategies, we at Quick RX Refills suggest to those at home for coping with allergens.

1. Try a Nasal Rinse: Whether you choose a saline nose spray, the old head over a bowl of steaming water trick, or a salt-water neti-pot, a nasal rinse can clear out any allergens which have already entered your nose. Flushing away these unwanted bits of debris will help you to feel better more quickly, and provide your nasal passages with some relief. Follow directions so that you don’t accidentally inhale any liquid, as this can be harmful, and cause choking or drowning.

2. Wear a Mask: They may not be the most attractive accessory, but you can purchase little white breathing masks at many pharmacies. These masks are used in many Asian countries to prevent the spread of airborne germs between sick and healthy people, but you can also use them here in America to keep allergens away from your mouth and nostrils. The masks attach behind the ears with small elastic bands, and are the perfect companion for yard work, or other outdoor projects which may bring you into contact with allergens.

3. Leave Allergens at the Door: You’re inside your house, so you must be safe from all of those outdoor allergens, right? Not quite. Your daily activities, whether you’ve been out for a jog, walking the dog, or you’ve just come in from work, can drag pollen and other allergens into your house on boots, sneakers, clothes, and even pet fur. Leaving outdoor wear at the door, and changing clothes following outdoor activities will help keep pollen from tracking into the house and attaching itself to your furnishings.

4. Keep it Clean: It’s a struggle to keep the house clean with work, kids, and extracurricular activities on the go, but a clean house provides less places for allergens to hide. Wiping down your tub and shower with a squeegee following bathing will keep mold spores and mildew from appearing. Sweeping up dirt once everybody is inside for the night will minimize dust floating around your house. Be sure to wipe window ledges where rogue pollen may have blown in, and keep them closed on windy days.

5. Watch the Weather: Windy days make it easier for pollen and other airborne allergens to get around the neighborhood. If you can avoid the windy weather, and wait for a mild day to do yardwork and other outdoor activities, it will help minimize your allergy symptoms. While many people prefer the sun to rainy days, the dampness in the air can help keep blowing pollen from attacking your nasal passages. On a rainy day, all of that dust and plant matter billowing through the air gets stuck to flowers, trees, and grass, making it easier for you to get around and do what you need to do without suffering from allergies.

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