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Top Ten Ways to Stay Hydrated

Summer is a glorious season, and everybody loves frolicking on the beach and sipping on cold drinks while soaking up the sun. It's all fun and games until you start to feel dehydrated! Dehydration can cause minor symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and nausea, as well as serious conditions like organ failure. Because of these things, you should remain hydrated, so you can enjoy summer to the fullest!

Number 10 - Eat your water!

Not literally, but figuratively! Make sure that you always snack on food high in water content, such as watermelon or cantaloupe. Watermelon contains up to 90% water, which is a dehydration killer.

Number 9 – Drink Coconut Water

Coconuts do contain milk, but the less viscous and more transparent liquid in the coconut is water. Coconut water is truly the best thing to have handy when you're battling dehydration. Also, it contains vitamins and minerals that will keep your hydration levels nice and high. It also gives you great looking hair and skin.

Number 8 – Have Water with Meals

Not cola or tea. Water, of course, is a great source to keep your dehydration at bay. Make sure you keep a habit of drinking water with meals, as it will save you from having to worry about your hydration later. Drinking it before meals also cleanses your system for the food and fills you up so you do not eat as much.

Number 7 – Add in a Little Flavor

If you are one of the people who can't stand the bland taste of water, just make it tasty by adding flavor. There are tons of fruits and things you can buy to flavor your water these days, which will make it easier to stay hydrated.

Number 6 – Serve up Salad

Eating veggies is a healthy way to stay hydrated this summer. The leaves and stem you eat within a salad contain small amounts of water to hydrate your system. And added benefit? Salad keeps to your diet, that is, if you've got one.

Number 5 – Carry your Fluid Replacement

You sweat, you lose body fluid. You lose body fluid, you get dehydrated. You never want to find yourself in this situation without any liquids handy. Always keep a container full of mostly ice and some water. As the ice melts, you’re left with cool H2O.

Number 4 – Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

You may think you’re doing your body a favor by drinking some fluid, regardless of the source. Believe it or not, though, alcohol actually absorbs your body’s fluids. It produces a diuretic effect that dehydrates you much quicker and more efficiently. So, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages on the hottest days.

Number 3 – Stay away from Soda

Water should be your main beverage – it’s just that simple. Sodas and other carbonated drinks dry your system out. Water is the only beverage that can purely hydrate you. Also, carbonation and caffeine leads to further dehydration by causing increased urination.

Number 2 – Cook with Sea Salt

This is a more abstract tip, but it works! Apparently, the minerals within sea salt actually have a positive effect on your body’s cells and overall hydration status. Also, table salt draws fluid from the cells and pulls it out of your system. So, instead of adding a dash of table salt, add a little sea salt.

Number 1 – Replace Fluids before and after Physical Activities

When you sweat, you're not only burning energy, you're losing crucial body fluid. It’s important to prepare your body before you work out or exercise by drinking water. This allows you to sweat out what you just replace, not what you hold in your fluid storehouse. And then after your physical activity, drink some more!

With these 10 tips, you should have no problem beating the sun and health this summer. Remember, always stay hydrated, keep fluid replacement in mind when you enjoy the outdoors, and drink as much water as possible!

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