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Are These Breakthrough Male Pattern Baldness Cures for Real?

Incredible new breakthroughs in the world of curing male pattern baldness have been promised for years and years now, but a number of doctors online are promising that a handful of “be-all, end-all” cures could be just over the horizon.

I know, I know – you’ve probably heard these promises before, probably even by a number of doctors online when searching for different prescription solutions to curing your male pattern baldness. However, this time in the excitement seems to be warranted – especially since much of the research has been produced by the University of Pennsylvania and focuses on the “root” cause (pardon the pun there) of male pattern baldness in the first-class.

The underlying issues in regards to male pattern baldness have always been elusive

One of the biggest issues to curing male pattern baldness forever – and one that many medical professionals, scientific researchers, and other experts in the field have had to contend with on a regular basis – has always been the near impossibility to narrow down exactly what causes male pattern baldness in the first place.

Those experts have long understood that the overwhelming majority of male pattern baldness cases are caused by hormones and enzymes released by the body to target hair follicles, make them weaker, and eventually a blue to rate them entirely – but no one fully grasped what was responsible for the changes in the first place.

It’s also interesting to look at the research and watch as hundreds of millions of men all over the world and realize that there is seemingly zero rhyme or reason to who comes down with male pattern baldness – as even some women were subject to this predominantly male only issue.

All this is starting to change now as scientists from the University of Pennsylvania begin to narrow down on a specific key protein known as prostaglandin D synthase (more commonly referred to as PDG2). This specific protein is found in almost record numbers in bald areas of the human scale, but is not found in areas where hair is prevalent across the board.

This specific protein marker has been found to control a number of very specific bodily functions, including cell growth and the constriction of smooth muscle tissue – but it also may inhibit hair follicle cell growth. This is because the normal cells usually responsible for hair growth were still present on the bald surfaces of the human head, but the PDG2 seem to have inhibited their growth dramatically.

Live testing has already begun

While the experts and doctors have been publishing their research for some time now, the truth of the matter is that life testing didn’t really begin until just a handful of years ago. It initially started on lab mice that were bread with very high levels (but safe levels) of PDG2 and were then transplanted with human hair cells – only to find that the mice began to go bald.

While those findings were certainly interesting enough to develop a number of the very specific prophecies, it wasn’t until the same researchers discovered that human testing has already been going on with drugs specifically designed to attack PDG2 – only most of them were for treating asthma and not specifically to treat baldness.

Scientists and researchers all over the world have been looking to create some sort of prescription solution in pill form that would be just chock-full of drugs specifically designated to block PDG2 and inhibit its production of across the human body – at least as far as the very specific areas of the head and skull were concerned. They’re still making progress on these specific of solutions, and though the internal solution to blocking PDG2 seems to be the route to take there are others with branched off and created their own topical solutions – creams and salves – specifically designed to do the same thing.

There may be help for male pattern baldness sufferers after all

These brand-new breakthroughs could mean that a new and life-changing drug or prescription could be right around the corner, as the University of Pennsylvania scientists believe that there should be enough evidence to rollout a marketable solution in the next five years or even sooner.

Obviously, there are still in a number of very specific tests that need to be undertaken until this can be fully verified and proven to be 100% safe and effective – but all early indications point to it being a relatively quick process with all of the basic foundational work already having been late.

Just imagine what it would be like to know that you would be able to not only reverse the problems of male pattern baldness just by taking a quick pill or prescription cream, but if you could also prevent that from ever taking place. Hundreds of millions of men would watch as their long and flowing locks continue to grow in on regular intervals, never fearing to wake up one day and realize that they look more like George Costanza than Bruce Willis.

Definitely keep an ear to the ground about this game changing research, and pay close attention to the male pattern baldness online prescription world for the next few years. It shouldn’t be too terribly long now until you see many of these incredibly effective solutions hit the market – and we all watch as male pattern baldness is crippled forever.

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