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Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season with These 5 Tips

The holidays can be great for the heart and soul, but not so great on the waistline or wallet. Looking for a way to avoid gaining weight this holiday season, so you don’t have to lose it in the New Year? At QuickRXRefill we support healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of water as the best way to stay fit. But if you’re looking for a few extra helpful hints to stay slim throughout the Thanksgiving and holiday feast period, read on below.

1. Find a Buddy: Nobody wants to diet alone, not only is it a lonely effort, while all your friends and family pig out, but it lowers your chances for success as well. Find somebody with similar goals this holiday season, and make the decision to meet those goals together. Rather than dieting, make healthy choices, and encourage each other to be active when opportunities arise.

You’re more likely to go out for an evening stroll after dinner if a friend is heading out for a walk as well.  An excellent way to use this buddy system is by enlisting your spouse or partner. Because you live in the same home, it eliminates the prospect of destructive grocery shopping habits, and other temptations coming into the house. Work together to stay healthy through Thanksgiving and well into the New Year.

2. Pick a Smaller Plate: There’s just way too much great stuff on the menus around the holidays to give up your favorites. Instead of spending Thanksgiving feeling guilty that you ate sweet potato pie, embrace delicious classics in smaller portions. Have your gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, but use a small dessert plate to serve yourself, rather than a large dinner place.

By minimizing the space to fill with food, your eyes still see a full plate and picture a full stomach, without adding any extra unnecessary calories to your diet.

3. Drop the Carbs: Carbohydrates are an important part of the human diet, so we certainly aren’t suggesting you cut them out completely. However, you may be surprised to learn that much of the weight you retain is because of the amount of carbohydrates you eat in comparison to other foods. Carbohydrates are used as energy, but if you’re not burning that energy as fuel, it gets stored as fat.

Mashed potatoes with your turkey might sound like a good idea, but choosing mashed cauliflower as an alternative cut out some of the carbs while retaining nutrition and flavor.

4. Load Up on Veg: This tip goes hand in hand with the carbohydrate suggestion. The idea is that you fill up on vegetables before loading up on all that rich, fatty food. This allows you to indulge in turkey and stuffing, but in smaller portions. Start your meal with a fresh salad, and then move onto vegetable based side dishes like grilled endive, garlic roasted asparagus, and boiled cabbage. By the time you get to the cranberry sauce, you’ll be too full to serve yourself more than a taste.

5. Try Alternative Sweetening Methods: Finally, one of the most tempting foods around Thanksgiving and other seasonal holidays is dessert. Don’t miss out on your favorite cakes and tarts. Instead, swap out as much of the refined sugar and fat as you can, and use healthy ingredients instead. Rather than white sugar, apple sauce makes a great sweetening agent. You can also cut back on some of the fatty liquids in your cake batter by adding flavorful liquids from healthy fruit and vegetables.

Experimenting with baking can be rewarding, and there are already plenty of recipes available online which work to change out the unhealthy additives and bring you more of the good stuff.

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