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Best 5 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

It’s so hard to say no to a dish, when everything on the table looks delicious. The winter holidays are a prime time for overeating, and additional sugar and grease in foods. Fortunately, you don’t have t avoid your favorite dishes to trim the waist and stay healthy this year; simply follow these 5 tips to avoid that too-full feeling.

1, Use a Smaller Plate

Believe it or not, simply switching to a smaller plate can make a big difference in how much you eat during a single sitting. Contrary to popular thought, in studies, those who used a dessert plate rather than a dinner plate, didn’t feel slighted after dinner. In fact, many Americans overeat because they are simply unaware of what a proper portion looks like. By giving yourself less surface space to fill, you can still enjoy all your favorites, without the guilt.

2. Take a Little Bit of Everything

There are a few approaches to avoiding the overeating this time of the year, and one is to indulge rather than limit yourself. Take a little bit of all your favorite things, even if they’re “bad” for you. It is the holidays after all, and by having that piece of bacon wrapped turkey, or that spoonful of gravy on your sweet potatoes, you’ll be able to rest easy, feeling full and satisfied, rather than craving things all night. Medical News Today reports: “Avoiding favorite foods, for example, can lead to craving. Taking a small portion is a better idea. Portion control is the secret to long-term success in weight control. The AHA recommends choosing just one dessert, choosing wisely, and taking a small piece.”

3. Skip the Starch

One of the problems with holiday meals is all those delicious filler foods. Bread rolls, bread stuffing, and mashed potatoes will fill your belly, but offer few nutrients during digestion. Instead of filling up on fillers, pile your plate with lean protein, and all the veg you can find. writes: “When researchers at Purdue University asked 46 dieting women to eat either 30% or 18% of their calories from protein, the high-protein eaters felt more satisfied and less hungry. Plus, over the course of 12 weeks, the women preserved more lean body mass, which includes calorie-burning muscle.”

Try eating salad, or vegetables before attempting the starchier and fatter foods. This will help you feel fuller sooner, and you will have filled up on the good stuff.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drink water before you eat dinner, and have a glass at the table while you dine. Not only will the water make you feel fuller, but it will help with the digestion process as well.

Unfortunately, in today’s modern age of foodies and large portion sizes, we have become less accustomed to listening to our bodies’ natural hunger signals. Sometimes what you are actually feeling is thirst, and a few sips of ice cold water will do the trick to fill that void.

5. Wait Ten Minutes Before Seconds

Pace yourself at the dinner table to avoid overeating during the holidays. Many experts suggest waiting a full ten minutes following the completion of a plate of food before attempting a second portion. Chances are that by the time you get to ten minutes, you won’t want it anymore. Selene Yeager of explains: “Instead of fighting the urge to eat, prolong your eating experience…You won’t eat any more total calories overall, but by spreading them out, your urge to keep eating will be satisfied.”

If you still want seconds after the ten count, try a piece of fruit, or a very small portion of something sweet to curb the cravings. Modern eating habits have made sugar cravings a very real thing, but giving into them too completely can lead to overeating, and weight gain.

If you are concerned about your eating habits, or want more advice on healthy eating over the holidays, speak to a nutritionist, or your family doctor. It’s important to seek the opinion of a medical professional before making any drastic changes to your diet. The most important thing to remember during all those magnificent holiday feasts, is to put your health first, and your cravings second.

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