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Breastfeeding Your Child Has More Advantages than Just Antibodies Alone

Breastfeeding Your Child Has More Advantages than Just Antibodies Alone

For as long as women have been breast feeding there has been a quest for more information on the reasons and benefits associated with the practice. It’s been proven time and time again that using natural methods to feed your baby up to six months of age and onward as long as possible can have long lasting positive effects in many different categories. The most commonly known advantage is that your child receives the antibodies in your milk which helps them build up a better immune system to deal with things that might harm other babies like a common flu or cold. More recently there have been new and interesting breakthroughs in new information pertaining to the pros of breastfeeding and what it can mean for both you and your child.

Better Tolerance to Allergens

One area where breastfeeding has been seen to make a significant difference is in the prevention of allergies and asthma in babies and young children. This has mostly revolved around the addition of breast milk to a regular feeding routine once babies become old enough to also eat solid foods, and helps them avoid allergies to things like milk, eggs, peanuts, and other widely known allergens that tend to cause significant problems. Science Daily reports: “The research, led by Dr Kate Grimshaw, dietitian and senior research fellow at the University, say that giving the baby solid food beside breast feeding helps it develop a better, stronger immune system to fight food allergies.” This is good news for new mothers worried about their babies facing deathly allergies, but there’s no guarantee as of yet, so having your little one tested or testing them on new foods slowly is still an important step to take.

Reduction in Chance of Breast Cancer

In a study performed by Emilio Gonzalez-Jimenez PhD at the Grenada University involving records of five hundred and four women who were treated for breast cancer it was found that there was a real difference involving those who breast fed for six months or more and those who didn’t breast feed for as long or at all. Markus MacGill of Medical News Today explains: “Women who had not breastfed their babies were, on average, found to get breast cancer 10 years earlier than breastfeeding mothers.” This doesn’t mean that there is a link from breastfeeding to breast cancer in cause, as many women who never have children live perfectly healthy cancer free lives. However, the knowledge that breast feeding your baby not only improves your child’s chance for a healthy life but yours as well is a definite bonus when it comes to nursing time.

Enhanced Intellect

A study performed by Harvard University and Boston’s Children’s Hospital utilizing information provided by over thirteen hundred breastfed babies prove that children who are breastfed for six months or longer actually appear to have a higher level of brain function than children who aren’t breast fed at all. Not only that, but it seems that babies have a chance of being smarter the longer that they’re breastfed. Forbes writes: “The beneficial effects of breastfeeding were cumulative; the children’s verbal test scores at age 3 were one fifth of a point higher for each month they were breastfed; at age 7 the difference in intelligence was one third of an IQ point per month of breastfeeding.” All in all it was shown that breastfeeding for upwards of one year could add a full four points to an IQ score. There have been other studies to have linked higher brain function with the nourishment of breast milk over the years, but this one certainly makes for a believable argument and a good reason to try your infant on the natural stuff rather than switching to formula if you can help it.

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