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Causes of Alcohol Addiction On The Rise

Alcohol addiction has been a problem in North America and globally for years now, and the numbers of deaths related to this intoxicating substance seems to grow daily. Unfortunately, alcohol is one kind of addictive agent that many people discount, not realizing just how serious it can be. When you drink too much your inhibitions are lowered and you’ll find yourself willing to do things that you might never try sober. In some cases this is what urges people to try it, but it can also be your undoing if you’re not careful. Many accidents and violent situations arise after one too many drinks, so knowing when to say no is important. Of course, there’s no real clear cut cause of alcoholism, although there are many different views on the possibilities, there are just too many variables to pin it on one particular element of life. Recently, however, there have been a few findings that suggest there may be more than meets to eye to addiction and the causes behind it.


Gateway drugs are known for inviting users into trying more hardcore substances by enticing them slowly with less dangerous ones. The buzz and thrill of using paired with the high of each individual narcotic can drag you in and make you want to try “newer and more exciting” drugs. Many people claim that alcohol is in fact one of these gateway drugs, but recently, it’s been found that there may actually be a gateway to alcohol. Science Daily writes: “Nearly one-third of US adolescents consume high-caffeine energy drinks or "shots," and these teens report higher rates of alcohol, cigarette, or drug use, reports a study in the January/February Journal of Addiction Medicine.”

This is seem particularly in drinkers of highly caffeinated energy drinks that tend to circulate the market and can even be found in some high school vending machines. Although tea and coffee also utilizes caffeine in their chemical makeup, the content isn’t nearly as intense as that which is found in beverages that are specifically created with energizing in mind. Coffee and cream drinks and fizzy soda like drinks were the basis for this product, but it’s now expanded into flavored waters and juices as well. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t indulge in a little caffeinated pick me up now and then, but younger crowds should limit their use.


One of the more obvious and well known causes for alcoholism falls on faulty genes. Although it’s never been scientifically proven that genetics are the reason that some people fall under the spell of alcohol, there has definitely been plenty of clear cut cases to show that alcoholism can run in families. Whether this is hereditary, or brought on by environmental and social factors is inconclusive. Medical News Today states: “Thanks to this study, researchers have shown that the lack of endorphin is hereditary, and thus that there is a genetic predisposition to become addicted to alcohol.”

This specific report refers to a genetic alteration in genes that makes some people less inclined to feel the effects of natural endorphins in their bodies. This is certainly a reason that many people would indulge in things that they wouldn’t otherwise in order to feel that rush of happiness and acceptance with life. If this is a problem that you face, and you find yourself slipping into bad habits where liquor is concerned then you should consult with your family physician immediately to discuss possible solutions.

Mental And Social Disorders

You’re probably aware of the age old image of a man on a bar stool, down in the dumps and spilling his guts to the bartender. Although this is a cliché scenario, it does stem from some truth, as many studies have concluded that depression and anxiety orders can bring on the urge to drink and overtime can make the drinker feel dependent upon the substance in order to feel normal and at peace. In most cases a doctor will recommend that alcohol is not consumed if you have some form of mental disorder, but many people still imbibe regularly. C Health reports: “Additional risk factors include having a psychiatric condition such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety disorders. Poverty, social isolation, and shyness may also be risk factors.”

Of course, social disorders can be a little different but still produce the same result of feeling the need to drink in order to obtain some normality. When faced with a situation where you might need to be social, if you’re suffering from anxieties related to being in public, a few sips of alcohol can make you feel like you’ve got more courage. Unfortunately, these affects can wear off quite quickly and if you do have a chemical imbalance or are feeling down then alcohol will only worsen that feeling in the long run.

Early Drinking

Finally, a certain indicator that you may become abusive with alcohol is drinking early in your teen years. Becoming involved in alcohol is so easy when you’re young and impressionable, even if it is legally more difficult to come across. Medicine Net says: “Facts about the societal risk factors for adolescent alcoholism include peer pressure and the portrayal of teen drinking in the media.”

The internet and media play a large role in making kids feel as though they need to drink or try drinking at some point to fit in. Preventative measures in these scenarios should stem from keeping your kids well informed and educating them on the risks involved with underage drinking.

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