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Declutter and Reorganize for a Stress Free Life

2017 is a fresh start to a whole new year, and this is a perfect time to make a fresh start in your home in terms of organization. Life is hectic, and busy days leads to quick clutter, especially if you have multiple residents in your home. From your spouse and your pets, to your kids, and even yourself, it’s so easy to let things build up.

Studies have shown that the human mind functions better in a clean and decluttered space. Not only will you feel less stress about nightly chores, but you will find yourself better able to focus, and with more space to move around your home. Big jobs are intimidating to start, so Quick RX Refill has created a list to help you make your reorganization process easier to take on.

1. Make a List: If you jump into a task like reorganizing your house without a game plan, it could quickly get away from you, or become daunting. Make a list of each room, and what you would like to move, clean, or get rid of from each space. As you go along, check each item off. This will give a sense of completion, and leave you with less stress at the end of each day.

2. Plan Ahead: If you start a project without the right tools, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to give up, or putting things off until you can get the items you need. Before you begin the declutter process, arm yourself with rubber gloves, garbage bags, boxes, and plastic storage totes. Be ready with a mop and broom for areas that need it. You may even want to purchase a pack of sticky notes, to place on items that need to be stored, sold, or donated. This will make the process faster once you begin.

3. Start Small: Don’t give yourself too much to do at a time, this can make the job seem even bigger. Start your organization process with the smallest rooms in your home. This way, you see progress begin quickly, and can even check a few things off your list. The bathrooms, small dens, home offices, and storage closets are a good place to get started. Bedrooms and large living areas often have more space to cover, and will take longer to complete.

4. Don’t Rush: Of course, you want to get the job done quickly, and in an age of convenience it’s normal to crave immediate results. Unfortunately, when it comes to a large project like decluttering an entire house, it’s better to be patient, and take it one room at a time. Set realistic goals, and give yourself a timeline that makes sense for the size of your house.

5. Purge: It can be hard to let go of things that have been stored and saved over the years, but unless something holds significant sentimental value, it’s often a good idea to let it go. By purging, you give yourself the opportunity to open up previously unusable space in your home.

A good rule to purge by is, if you haven’t seen or used something in more than a year, let it go. You can sell items online, have a garage sale, or donate them to a church or non-profit organization. Some items which are unfit to be used again, could even be discarded on your next big trash day.

Don’t get frustrated if results come slowly. Organization can sometimes get messier before it gets clean. Ask for help from friends or family members where possible to make the jobs lighter, and offer snacks or hot beverages as compensation. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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