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Early Development and Care of Children Can Alter Their Future Capabilities

As a parent your child is often going to be regarded as the most important part of your life, and this is true of many parents around the globe. Recently medical news has been focusing more and more around infants and children, and the way that they are born and raised. The findings for these varied studies report on habits formed during early care as well as time spent in the womb, and suggest that in some cases nature vs. nurture really can alter the way that a human being socializes, studies, and interacts with his or her parents. Some cases allow for preventative action, while others are more informational, and call for parents to attend to their little ones in order to ease symptoms they may come in contact with later in life.

Premature Math Trouble

The findings during the research revolving around dyscalculia is varied, but the overall findings suggest that although babies born before their due date can be just as intelligent as those who are carried full term, they tend to have more trouble with math. Dyscalculia is a cognitive impairment that is realized when children who seem successful in other areas of their education are unable to achieve the same high standards in mathematical classwork. Brooks Hays of explains: “Researchers at the University of Warwick and Ruhr-University Bochum found that children born preterm were more likely to demonstrate trouble with mathematical thinking later in childhood.”

This is obviously not something that can be helped, as date of birth is determined by a number of natural factors, none of which can be altered by the mother, especially if the baby is coming early rather than late. Even an organized caesarian section won’t guarantee that your baby won’t be delivered earlier than you had hoped. Although you may not be able to prevent the dyscalculia from affecting your child’s cognitive skills, you can understand the probabilities that early delivery may cause this to occur and can offer extra math help at home with flash cards, tutors, or homework help from you and your spouse.

Building Strong Bonds

Breastfeeding and cuddling a crying child when they’re upset aren’t just ways to sooth your baby’s physical needs. Recent studies suggest that these behaviors help bring a parent and child closer together which can affect their lives in the long run. Children who feel neglected or passive about relationships with their parents can lack key skills necessary to build positive relationships in the future, and act appropriately in social settings; reports: “Columbia University, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Bristol found that infants under the age of three who do not form strong bonds with their mothers or fathers are more likely to be aggressive, defiant and hyperactive as adults.”

This study also states that four out of ten infants lack this special bond, which leads to problems later in life, particularly in educational settings or under the guidance of those who could be considered to be authority figures. This doesn’t mean that your baby should never cry, because all infants shed tears from time to time, it’s parents who get frustrated or choose to ignore their little ones and let them sooth their selves every time there’s a whine or whimper that a problem may begin.

Parents Choices Aid In Obesity Fight

It’s obvious that you can affect the weight gain of your children simply because you get to choose what they put into their bodies for the first portion of their lives, but what is not as well known is that young babies also gage what is appropriate to eat based on what they see pass your lips. This means that if you want your children to grow up healthy and strong and eating their greens without parental supervision then you have to show them that this is what they should be ingesting. states: “Infants as young as six months old tend to expect that plants are food sources, but only after an adult shows them that the food is safe to eat, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.”

Your children look up to you in many ways and they take far more cues from you and your behavior than you think that they do including what you eat. Other obesity factors that can creep into your life can step from nonfood related issues such as watching television with your infant. Smart beings with the developmental attitudes of sponges, baby will soak up any information they can wrap their minds around, and seeing mommy or daddy eat in front of a television set and playing with them while watching your favorite show will not go unnoticed as little girls and boys get bigger.

Whether your child is dealing with any of the above mentioned stressors, or you simply wish to stay informed, it’s important to spend quality time with your son or daughter on a personal level so that if a problem should arise cognitively or physically, you’re able to help in any ways that you can. Make time to play, even if your little one seems too small to get involved; stories, toys, tub time, and walks are all ways to bond and monitor how your child is doing. If you crave adult companionship during this time you can look into joining a parent and baby class that allows you to mix grown up socialization with baby socialization. Another way to take action starts before you give birth, by brushing up on as much information as you can find regarding the effects of things you do during pregnancy, childbirth and during the first year or two. You may want to gather more data on what to expect and be wary of farther down the road as well before your baby turned into a toddler and your toddler grows into a school aged boy or girl ready to leave mom and dad at home.

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