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Eat More Vegetables To Avoid Breast Cancer

Okay, so there’s no way to 100% avoid breast cancer, but there are ways for you to reduce the chances of obtaining the disease in the first place. Breast cancer effects thousands of women each year, and while there is no cure, treatments have been increasingly effective in eradicating the disease with no relapse.

As women age, one of the things that happens to the female body is the change during menopause. At this time a woman will face many challenges and uncomfortable symptoms. One way that doctors counteract these symptoms is through hormone therapy, which offers women the opportunity to replace lowered levels of hormones in an attempt to decrease hot flashes and mood swings. A side affect of these supplements is cancer.

New studies have brought a ray of hope where these supplements are concerned. It turns out that luteolin, which is an ingredient found in a number of vegetables, can counteract this risk, making it less likely for women to get breast cancer. Medical News Today Reports; “Scientists from the University of Missouri in Columbia claim that luteolin, which occurs naturally in herbs and vegetables, can slow the development of breast cancer caused by the combination of natural estrogen and synthetic progestin used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).”

Understanding The Research

College professor, Salman Hayder, lead the most recent study which monitored the effects of progestin in breast tissue and the way that luteolin interacted with it. What scientists realized was that cancer cells decreased in the presence of the vegetable ingredient, and tumors shrank. This is a huge development in the search for a cure for breast cancer. Lab mice which were tested with this theory saw great improvements as the luteolin worked to disrupt the aggression of the cancer cells.

As of now there has not been a medication created using this ingredient. Women can increase luteolin levels by eating celery, and other vegetables more frequently. This can act as a preventative measure and possible slow cancer cells, or reject them entirely.

Broccoli And Berries

All fruits and vegetables help men and women to achieve healthier lifestyles, but some may be more beneficial than others. Berries, for example, are loaded with antioxidants, which work to counteract any toxins absorbed through the atmosphere on a day to day basis. Broccoli also packs quite a punch. reports; “Sulforaphane—a compound in broccoli—reduced the number of breast cancer stem cells (which cause cancer spread and recurrence) in mice, according to research from the University of Michigan. Eating broccoli may not deliver enough sulforaphane to achieve the same effect, but to get the most you can, eat your broccoli raw or briefly steam or stir-fry the green florets. (Boiling destroys some of the sulforaphane.)”

As an added bonus, broccoli and berries both offer benefits in the form of heart and liver health as well. Eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out processed and fatty foods can help reduce a number of ailments and illnesses.

Grains For Cancer

It isn’t just fruit and veg that increases your chances of survival. Complex carbohydrates also help you fend off cancer cells. Wheat, rice, and other grains provide plenty of energy and are high in fiber, which promote healthy digestion. Digestion doesn’t just affect your stomach; it also helps your body to absorb the vitamins and minerals which your body needs to be well. Web MD explains; “A comprehensive review of thousands of studies on diet, physical activity, and weight conducted for the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research pointed to the benefits of eating mostly foods of plant origin. Foods such as broccoli, berries, and garlic showed some of the strongest links to cancer prevention.”

Ditch The Fast Food

If you want a quick and easy way to get on the right track for healthy eating, cut the fast food. Processed foods are full of salt and fillers, but you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods, just with a little less fat and additives. A burger and fries can still be a great evening meal, bake the burger like a meatloaf and use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Lettuce leafs instead of buns make a crispy, light alternative to all of that heavy breading, and baked sweet potato fries offer a little taste of the fried food without al of that frying.

Adding a small side salad, or a piece of fruit to every major meal is a simple way to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your daily routine. Eating foods which have minimal ingredients and no additives or fillers can lead you in the right direction for an overall nutritional change.

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