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Health and Safety Tips for Fall Chores

Fall brings with it plenty of unforeseen yard work, house work, and other types of work which can pose unnecessary risk if not performed properly. To avoid injury and illness, QuickRXRefills has compiled a list of helpful health tips to complete your fall chores accident free.

Lift with Your Knees

Chopping and stacking firewood, raking and loading leaves, and other yard chores which require lifting can put a strain on your back. You might not feel it right away, but you’ll certainly sense a pinch the next day if you’re not careful while lifting. Never lift from the back, meaning don’t bend over at the waist, and then straighten at the waist while lifting. Instead, put that pressure on your knees by squatting to lift, and extending your thigh muscles to bring yourself back to a full standing position. By putting the excess pressure on knees and thighs, you save your back the harmful pressure which could pinch a nerve or strain a muscle. Back pain is common and unfortunately, there’s usually no way to cure it aside from plenty of rest, stretching, and switching between hot and cold compresses.

Use the Buddy System

They call it fall for a reason, there’s never more falling debris from nearby trees than during the months leading up to the winter season. Performing any chore which requires you to climb up into a tree, or onto a roof requires the buddy system. Your buddy should stand guard to spot for impending trouble, hold the ladder steady, and give you a much-needed hand when necessary. Working together leads to less accidents, and helps keep you protected when your eyes and ears can’t be everywhere at once.

Wear Gloves and a Mask

You’d be surprised to learn just how much bacteria, mold, and mildew collects in fall debris, especially the soggy stuff that gets clogged in your drain pipes. When performing yard chores such as scooping piles of leaves, or plucking leaves from the drain along the house, wear a respirator mask and gloves. This will keep harmful bacteria from entering your lungs, while also protecting your skin from meeting any germs or mold which has begun to develop on the debris. Fall leaves are beautiful to look at, but not always so fun to handle when damp.

Be Safe with Sharp Tools

Whether you’re carving a pumpkin, or using a chainsaw to remove dead branches from a favorite tree, it’s important to use proper safety and precaution when sharp tools are in use. Make sure that sharp edges are always encased in protective coverings when sharp tools aren’t in use, keep these tools locked up or in high places where children can’t reach them. Never leave a child unattended with a sharp tool, even for something as harmless as carving a jack-o-lantern.

Wash Your Hands Plenty

Whether you’re working in the yard raking leaves, or in the kitchen baking pumpkin pies, wash your hands plenty before touching your face, food, or somebody else. This will decrease the spread of bacteria that enters your body, or is exchanged throughout your family. It’s especially important to wash your hands when handling wet leaves which could be full of mold and mildew.

Use the Right Tool for the Job

Something that many people are guilty of is making due with whatever tool they have on hand to fix an issue. Butter knives instead of screwdrivers, and steak knives instead of proper jack-o-lantern carving tools are some common fall tool errors. It may be the easiest route to take, but it often isn’t the safest. Butter knives, for example, can slip while trying to unscrew a screw, and while they aren’t excessively sharp, they can cause damage when used with enough force. Similarly, a serrated steak knife will leave a nasty cut on a finger if you miss the flesh of the pumpkin by mistake. The same logic works for gardening and outdoor tools as well, make sure you use the right tool for the right fall job to avoid accidents and injury.   

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