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Health and Wellness Tips to Try This Fall

Fall brings cooler weather, and any change in season also brings on a change in bacteria. This means cold and flus are abundant, and flu shots are in order. To avoid getting sick this fall, or at least to lessen the risk of a fall cold, try these 6 fall health and wellness tips.

1. Eat Seasonal Foods: Believe it or not, eating seasonally can greatly improve your immune system. This is because seasonal foods are at their freshest while in season. Squash, pumpkin, pears, beets, rutabaga, sweet potato, and more are great foods to enjoy between the end of summer and the start of winter. Eat them in salads, soups, stews, desserts, or on their own to increase your vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and iron intake. Your body will be stronger and thank you for the fresh dose of immune boosting power. Eating fresh seasonal foods also adds the added benefit of a far better flavor and texture than out of season foods.

2. Get Outside: Fall is a great time to get outside and hike, walk, or bike. It’s no longer too hot to enjoy these activities, and it won’t be too cold for several months. Bring a sweater or light jacket, a bottle of water, and the family along for some truly gorgeous scenery which can’t be experienced at any other time of the year. Fall colors mingle with the crisp scent of leaves and fallen branches, making each outdoor activity a little different from the last.

3. Find Time to Relax: The sun goes down earlier in the fall, which can really throw off your circadian rhythm. Don’t fight the fall fatigue, instead, embrace it and relax a little more than you do during the busy summer months. Of course, you still need to get in some much-needed exercise, but as darkness begins to dim the light of day, curl up with a good book, take a nap, or sit with the family by the fireplace and swap stories about your day. Fall is a great time to relieve stress, and take a little bit of much needed “me” time.

4. Keep Your Hands Clean: From back to school to Halloween and festive family meals, fall offers plenty of opportunity to swap bacteria and spread cold and flu germs. It’s not enough to wash your hands a few times a day, you need to wash them every time you plan to eat, or before you rub your eyes, or blow your nose. You touch hundreds of surfaces throughout the day, and so does everybody else. From stair bannisters to elevator butters, shopping carts to desk tops, if you want to keep your immune system in fully functioning order, avoid taking on excess germs by washing hands regularly and carrying sanitizer gel.

5. Don’t Skimp on Water: Fall is not nearly as hot and sweaty as summer, which makes some people forego their daily water needs. Just because you don’t feel as thirsty in the fall as you do in the summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be drinking at least 8-glasses of water each day. Water helps keep your digestive track running properly, it also keeps your immune system on track and helps your liver to flush out nasty waste. Make drinking water a priority during the fall and winter and stay in tip top shape all year long.

6. Bring Fall Colors to Your Dining Room Table: Not just as decorations, but in the food that you eat. We already discussed eating for the seasons, but did you know that foods rich in bright colors are loaded with additional antioxidants and nutrients? Dark leafy greens, bright red pomegranates, and brilliant orange carrots will give your family a healthy dose of all natural vitamins. 

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