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How to Burn off That Thanksgiving Holiday Weight Before Christmas

Thanksgiving brings together all the best parts of humanity, friends, family, great food, thankful thoughts, and football! But after all the fun and games, you’re left feeling too full to move, and with a few extra pounds around the middle. Rather than carry around this unwanted weight until the next big holiday meal, we suggest making an effort to introduce healthy lifestyle changes and workouts into our daily routine to burn that holiday weight off before Christmas arrives.

High Intensity Intervals: High intensity interval training includes working out with increased effort for small portions of time. It has shown positive results in studies, including a greater calorie burn than a traditional workout. There’s no better way to burn off that sweet potato and marshmallow casserole than by trying HIIT workouts.

A jog that turns into a sprint, back into a jog, and back into a sprint, is a good example of a HIIT. Boosting heartrate and intensifying your workout for short bursts helps pack a more thorough workout into a smaller amount of time. It may take some extra effort, but it’ll be well worth it, when you found you’ve already worked out for the day and you still have time to get in some holiday shopping.

Do More Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise uses energy stored in your body to get moving. When you eat food, and this food isn’t used as fuel, it gets stored as fat. Cardio allows your body to use up these fat stores, and prevents new energy from becoming stored as fat, as it gets burned off during exercise instead.

Thanksgiving season may not seem like the prime time to start training for a marathon, but it’s a great environment for sweating out those toxins and ditching those extra pounds. The cool air makes this month and next, a great one for jogging, running, and other outdoor activities that get hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

Join a Class: Boxing, swimming, or cycling, it doesn’t matter what type of fitness class you choose, joining a class can bring all kinds of fat burning benefits to increase your health over the holidays. Not only does this let you enjoy cardio inside and away from the cold soon-to-be winter wind, it provides a social opportunity as well.

Working out in groups has shown positive results in studies. It’s always easier to commit to something when somebody else is helping to hold you accountable. Choosing an activity you enjoy will also encourage you to get moving, and form good habits for the future.

Feed Your Body: Your body needs many things to stay healthy and happy, and starving yourself is never a good option for weight loss. When you cut back on food, skip meals, and try to diet by reducing your caloric intake too much, your body goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode alerts your body that it may starve soon, and it should save up fat stores in case they are needed later.

Unfortunately, these fat stores are rarely needed later, and wind up hanging around for years to come. Avoid the preholiday diets, and choose to eat several small meals instead. By eating throughout the day, about 6 meals, instead of the standard 3 big ones, you keep your metabolism in constant motion. Your body is breaking down and digesting food all day, burning calories as it goes.

Eat More Protein: Some people assume that eating more meat means eating more fat, which is a no-no when it comes time to get healthy. Protein is crucial to a healthy body, it promotes cell production, muscle repair, and even metabolic function. Choose lean protein like turkey breast and fish, to increase fat burning potential.

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