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Ingestible Weight Loss Balloon Changes Gastric Treatments

Obesity isn’t just a problem; it’s an ongoing epidemic that seems to be taking the world by storm. Throughout North American and other areas around the globe, invasive plastic surgeries, yo-yo dieting, pills, and fad training programs are being utilized in an effort to control weight gain and shed unwanted pounds. Some methods are safer than others, and there are constantly new and unique prospects for weight loss solutions on the horizon. One of the newest up and coming sensations in this industry is a small pill that performs the same task as a gastric operation minus the scalpel and sutures.

How It Works

The latest and greatest in gastric balloon treatments comes not as a surgical procedure but as a small balloon that will inflate to become the size of an apple once it is positioned inside of your body. Swallowed in pill form, the balloon is then inflated through a micro-catheter which is later removed out of your mouth. The Guardian reports: “Obalon weight-loss treatment has been launched in the UK. It requires patients to swallow a capsule containing an apple-sized balloon sits on top of the stomach. “

This hasn’t currently been approved by the FDA in the United States of America but it is being utilized in other countries such as Canada, India, Mexico and now Britain. There are, as with any procedure of this nature, a few things to be cautious and concerned about; first and foremost the idea that the balloon might erupt inside of you. As frightening as this seems, these balloons are actually reported to be very safe, and can be worn for up to six months at a time. As each balloon becomes less stressing on the stomach a second and third can be added, although prices are high so many patients undergoing this treatment won’t move past one.

Why It’s Used

As with any other gastric procedure meant to assist with weight loss, the goal of wearing this balloon inside of you is to feel fuller and therefore stop yourself from wanting to eat. The pressure on top of your stomach give the impression that you’ve already eaten, and in some cases a little too much, which should cause you to forego the notion of food and only eat when you’re actually hungry and need sustenance. Kashmira Gander of The Independent explains: “Similarly to other gastric weight-loss treatments, as the balloon sits on top of the patient’s stomach they feel full, and therefore eat less and should lose weight.”

One of the main reasons people overeat is that it’s becoming harder and harder to determine what a real hunger pang feels like. Many people assume they’re hungry when there are other problems plaguing their bodies such as sleepiness, thirst, stress, boredom, and loneliness. Unsure of what each of these sensations feels like, hunger becomes the main focus and for whatever reason a little bit just won’t do. This is why the balloon seems like such a revelation to those who have given up hope on every losing weight through a natural channel.

Requirements Of The Procedure

One of the unique benefits to this method of applying the gastric balloon is that there’s no need for anesthetics, which leaves you with a clear head after treatment. The pill is created with certain specifications in mind including that a major change to what goes into your mouth and how you spend your time will be put into place. Weight loss is a joint effort between what your body can do for you and what you can do for your body. Eating clean with less added sugars and chemicals, and making time to exercise, at least by walking each day is an important part of what you’re attempting to do to your body. It was also created for those with a BMI of at least twenty-seven kilograms per square meter. Stu Roberts of writes: “Speaking to Gizmag, Obalon explained that its balloon is smaller and lighter than those currently offered on the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and is filled with nitrogen gas rather than saline, allowing it to sit at the top of the stomach.”

This may not be classified as a surgical procedure but it still stands as a last result by the standards of most medical professionals around the globe. If you feel that you absolutely can’t lose weight on your own terms then this procedure is available for people like you, while others just looking to cut corners should just try some real old fashioned work in the gym and at home in the kitchen to get where they need to be. Exercise and proper eating will always outweigh alternative weight loss methods because they’re the healthiest and will leave you feeling at your best.

It’s been said that extreme amounts of weight loss are noted when this balloon is being utilized but success will still depend on the amount of work and food you take on and how willing you are to commit to your health. Everybody is different in the way that they metabolize or retain calories and nutrients as well, and this treatment won’t be able to help everybody who attempts it, even if they fall into all other categories required of a patient looking to apply. If this isn’t the right fit your you and your lifestyle, but you’re interested in the prospect of more medically inclined dieting then you should speak to your doctor about possible future ventures in weight loss and what you can do.

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