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Kicking the Habit on Summer Vacation

There’s nothing worse than starting something that requires willpower and then setting out on a holiday. Summer vacation brings with it thoughts of decadent BBQ feasts, moonlight cocktails, and indulging in all your favorite things. Unfortunately for those trying to quit smoking, this time of year is full of temptation, especially if you’re travelling away from home.

So, how can you kick the habit on summer vacation? Here at, we understand the smoking cessation process, and all the struggles which go along with it. This is why we’ve compiled a list of ways to stay on track, without missing out on all that summer has to offer.

Stay Away from Triggers

Most smokers have a routine, and that routine is firmly etched on your brain. You wake up, shower, have that first cup of coffee and light a cigarette. Mixing up your routine can help reduce the number of triggers you encounter in a single day, which is especially helpful when away from home and the comfort of your own belongings. Try tea instead of coffee, or sip your coffee in a café or other public place where smoking is prohibited.

A big trigger for many cigarette smokers is alcohol, which can be a bit of a bummer on summer vacations when so many individuals enjoy house parties and backyard BBQs. Try minimizing your alcohol intake to one beer, or one glass of wine if you do attend an event where alcohol is served, or steer clear of the bar all together. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which makes it more difficult to say no to impulsive behaviors, such as smoking when you’re trying to quit.

Find a Crutch

Crutches are used to support your body during an injury, such as a sprained ankle. There are also metaphorical crutches, which you can use to help support you during your quitting process. Before you go on vacation, find something that really helps reduce cravings. Many individuals find that chewing gum, or sucking on lollipops and hard candies helps reduce cigarette cravings. This has to do with the oral fixation many smokers have, as they become used to placing something between their lips so frequently. Keeping your mouth and hands busy will help keep your mind off of cigarettes until your cravings are under control.

If candy or gum has become something you rely on during your transition period, be sure to pack plenty when travelling, or find out where you can buy some when you reach your destination. There are medicated and unmedicated gums, patches, and other products which help reduce cravings by providing a small amount of nicotine to the system. If you are interested in using these tools, consult your physician to determine which is the best for you.

Bring Support

Quitting anything addictive is a big undertaking, and it can be a difficult journey by yourself. Recruit some support to come along with you on you travels and keep you from doing anything you might regret. Having your spouse, kids, or a friend involved in the quitting process will help you to stay accountable when cravings get tough.

Sometimes bringing a friend or family member isn’t always an option, in which case, you might need to find your own support. There are plenty of online support groups and websites which offer information for those trying to quit smoking. Books are another great way to stay informed and find encouragement to stay on track. Some individuals find that it can be calming and effective to keep a diary, and track cravings. You can use your journal to write down feelings, keep messages of encouragement, or just to take notes on your trip.

Avoid Other Smokers

There’s nothing more difficult than saying no to a cigarette while quitting when surrounded by a group of smokers enjoying your favorite contraband. If possible, avoid travelling with smokers, or ask them to smoke away from you when they feel the urge. It’s hard enough to quit without having constant temptations under your nose.

Choose a non-smoking hotel, non-smoking lounges, and if you see somebody smoking in public, cross the street or try to stay away from the smoke. For someone trying to quit, the biggest trigger of all is seeing or smelling a cigarette. It can be infinitely more difficult to say no once you’ve got the option to smoke right in front of you.

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