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Make More Time for Me

In today’s busy world of hustle and bustle, it can be easy to lose yourself in the buzz. Let 2017 be the year you find yourself again, with a resolution to make more time for yourself. Taking “me” time has become increasingly important in the past decade, simply because of how many continuous pressures are being piled on.

From parenting, working, romance, finances, and everything else that pops up in the run of a day, it can seem impossible to fit in a meal, let alone some time to relax and do what you love. Don’t let another year go by where you feel unfulfilled; here are some tips from us here at Quick RX Refill on how to get back to yourself.

1. Fit Yourself In: The number one reason men and women don’t take time out for themselves is because there’s no time to be taken. You may not be able to make the time to read a book or take a relaxing bath every day, but you should make it a priority to fit yourself in at least once a week. This could mean scheduling half an hour in your planner, setting your alarm an hour earlier than you have to be up in the morning, or hiring a babysitter for an hour or two each week.

If you’re unable to find any physical time for yourself, make the mundane moments during everyday activities count toward your “me” time instead. Pack yourself a few chocolate truffles with your lunch on a random Monday afternoon. Take the day off from work early on a Friday, and get your nails done on the way home. Enjoy a good book on the way to work by using an audio mp3 version through your car stereo system.

2. Find Ways To Save Time: If you can’t squeeze in time to do what makes you feel good about yourself and where you are in life, then you’ll have to make that time yourself. Find ways to take a few shortcuts where you can. Dealing with prescriptions, for example, has never been easier. With services like those offered through Quick RX Refill, you can completely skip the lineups and wait times at the local pharmacy, and refill prescriptions from the privacy of your own home.

Services are safe, secure, fast, and highly convenient; leaving you with enough time to listen to some music, surf the web, bake cookies, or even take a short nap.

3. Make Yourself Important: There always seems to be something more important than you or what you want to do. It’s so easy to let the “me” time slip by the wayside. Don’t give up on yourself or sell yourself short on time. You are important, and 2017 is the year you make yourself believe it.

When you begin planning your week, make sure that you set aside time for yourself, or schedule appointments you need to better yourself. For example, maybe this month you would like to splurge and take a toll painting class, or perhaps it’s been a while since you and the spouse had a date night with dinner and dancing. Make yourself just as important as work, paying bills, and picking the kids up from soccer. Pencil yourself in the time that you need to feel fresh, healthy, and happy for this brand-new year.

For more information on the importance of mental health and the stress which can come with not properly taking care of yourself, speak to your doctor. For any prescription needs, contact our medical consult teach today, and fill your prescriptions online with no added hassle. Welcome to 2017, this is your year!

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