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New Hope For Expecting Mothers With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the feeling of nausea which often accompanies pregnancy. In fact, more than half of the expecting women across the globe are said to feel this malady. Sometimes, the sick feeling starts in the morning and tapers off over the day, although many women report feeling the nausea continuously as the day goes on.

While there are a few different reasons for the symptoms, scientists have confirmed that at least part of the unpleasant sensation is brought on by gas bubbles which form in the stomach when empty. This would explain the excessive feeling in the morning and its tapering off through the day as expectant mothers are eating more frequently. Fit Pregnancy writes: “Most cases resolve by 14 weeks (and get better with subsequent pregnancies). It might also help to know that there may be an evolutionary reason why women experience morning sickness. One theory suggests that in the past when people ate a lot of raw food that could carry bacteria, nausea—which typically happens in the first trimester when the baby is most vulnerable—helped the developing fetus avoid exposure to toxins.”

Whatever the reason for the nausea, you can rest easy knowing that there are ways to overcome it, both naturally and medicinally.

Medical Assistance

For some women morning sickness is mild and can be managed without the need for medical reinforcement. Unfortunately, for other women, the sickening sensation can become so overpowering that medicine is required to make it through the day, especially during the work day. For this reason, doctors are equipped to offer drugs, such as Diclectin, to reduce nausea and help women function normally throughout their day.

Finding a medicine which works to cure morning sickness is an ongoing scientific project. There have been difficulties in the past due to some drugs not suiting well to the unborn fetus, and others not fully expunging the sensation, due to the inability to pinpoint its exact cause.

Natural Remedies

Those who choose not to partake in a prescription offer from a doctor may choose natural remedies instead. Some speak for themselves, such as getting enough sleep through the night, and day when possible. Others include an organized eating schedule with mild foods to help contain the gas which is often felt in the early morning hours. Your doctor or nutritionist may suggest that you keep a stack of soda crackers by your bed to munch on as soon as you wake up. It may not be the feast you’re craving, but having something to settle your stomach before climbing out of bed to take on the day can ease nausea and give you a handle on morning sickness before it takes over. To get a better understanding of morning sickness and what women are feeling, Peter Degnan of Equinox Health advises that the intensity of the nausea has been equated to that of chemotherapy. WebMD writes: “According to Peter Degnan, MD, director of integrated medicine at Equinox Health and Healing, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, morning sickness affects 50%-80% of pregnant women, and a third of those experience vomiting as well.”

Eating smaller portions is another way to remove the possibility of nausea, but keeping your stomach sated, but not uncomfortable. Loose pants, or dresses which provide relief from waist bands around the stomach can provide further comfort during this time.

Non-Food Related Remedies

It seems that it’s not just your eating habits which can affect the sensations of morning sickness, some researchers have suggested that visual stimulants and scents may also have some input in your stomach health. Medical News Today reports: “The rapid, almost unnoticeable flickering of the computer monitor could cause morning sickness. If you are susceptible to morning sickness due to monitor flicker, try to avoid using a computer completely. If you must, you should adjust the screen by making the fonts bold and larger and changing the background to a soft tan or pink color - this will help reduce eye strain.”

Similarly, strong smelling foods, or even cleaning products, can be a potential cause of nausea. While pregnant, women have a heightened sense of smell. This may be related to ancient times when women would need to be wary of rotting food or poisons to lower their risk of eating something which could harm the fetus. Now, in modern times, it can be a nuisance, which makes it difficult to maintain regular daily activities. Steering clear of areas which produce heavy odors, or breathing through your mouth can help eliminate this as a morning sickness cause.

Tea and Herbal Remedies

If you don’t want to go down the prescription route, and other morning sickness tips aren’t working for you, you may wish to try an herbal method of recovery. There are many roots and herbs which are safe during pregnancy, and also work to reduce the feeling of nausea. Ginger is one such ingredient, which doctors have deemed safe for the fetus. It can be eaten raw, cooked in foods, or brewed into a tea, which helps to settle the stomach. Similarly, chamomile tea is a secondary beverage which is safe to consume while pregnant, and can not only settle the stomach, but help ease sleepless nights as well.

Just as drinking herbs can calm the tummy, smelling them can also help, especially in situations where strong odors are present. Peppermint can help clear the senses and reduce the alertness to other less pleasant odours, while lavender offers a calming effect, which works well with the chamomile to induce sleep.

Whatever you choose to ease morning sickness, be certain to discuss it with your doctor first. Not all herbal remedies are safe for babies, so getting the advice of a physician can help ease your mind as well as your stomach.

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