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New Methods Used To Avoid Oral Allergy Symptoms Revealed

As each season changes, there seem to be a number of factors contributing to allergies, and while some affect the nose and throat, there are many allergies that cause oral tingling, burning, and itching. These symptoms can be brought on during a normal bout of hay fever, which for some usually causes itchy red eyes, and the inability to breathe through their nose properly; while others have varying levels of allergic reactions that include a list of oral discomfort. Fortunately, new information in the medical world may have found ways to alleviate and prevent these symptoms.

Oral Allergy Symptoms

Oral Allergy Symptoms also known as OAS to the medical community can be associated with pollen or as a food allergy and causes a wide range of physical symptoms. In adults, most cases seem to stem from allergy causing proteins found in fruits and vegetables that are very similar in structure and design to the proteins found in pollen like ragweed, mugwort, and birch. explains: “Not long after some people with seasonal allergies eat uncooked fruits and raw vegetables, as well as some nuts and spices, these people's immune systems recognize a similarity between the food and pollen's proteins. This is called cross reactivity.”

This can cause problems for people who aren’t aware that allergies can transfer to their mouths, rather than the average allergy symptoms felt during these seasonal attacks.

Understanding Common Foods and Symptoms

Due to this commonly occurring problem among those will allergies across North America the director of the Food and Allergy Center in Boston, Dr. Wayne Shreffler has given patients a list of ways that they can prevent this from occurring. One of the ways that people can refrain from experiencing this discomfort is by avoiding the foods that commonly cause issues. Surprisingly, there are a number of fruits responsible for this such as plums, cherries, peaches, and even apples. Hazelnuts and almonds can also cause oral itching and burning in those will allergies, and some vegetables such as carrots can also be a problem. This might make it seem as though it would be impossible to avoid seasonal allergies altogether, but once you know what to be careful of you can avoid mixing them together or eating too much at one sitting. Unfortunately, each allergy can be cross connected to food products like birch allergies are to apples. Those who experience problems with pollen from ragweed might be more susceptible to negative symptoms extending from contact with melons, cucumber and zucchini, and grass pollen allergies are similar to those found in tomatoes and oranges.

Testing In Quantities

Knowing that these foods are linked to allergies you might have doesn’t necessarily knock them off the list of healthy ingredients you can have. It simply means that you’ll be wary of eating them, and know what symptoms to look for when you do. If you’re allergic to birch pollen, you may not always have a reaction to apples, but if you do, you’ll know that the apples are what has caused it and won’t worry that it’s something else and restrict your diet from many things to rule it out. If you’re allergic to ragweed, then you should eat melon or cucumber or zucchini, rather than ingesting them all in the same day, this will help you narrow down which ingredients are safe for you during this time and which will cause discomfort. You can also better understand allergies by going to the doctor and getting a test. Neil Osterweil of Web MD advises: “You may get a skin-prick test. A bit of the suspected trigger goes on a light scratch on your back or forearm. If that spot turns red or swells in about 15 minutes, it's an allergic reaction.”

Your doctor can also prescribe medications that may ease or prevent certain symptoms once you’re able to pinpoint what’s making you sick. Medications can vary by allergen and reaction type.

Raw And Cooked Fruit

Another way that you can prevent oral allergy symptoms from appearing is by cooking your fruit and vegetables before you eat them. Believe it or not, although raw fruits, nuts and vegetables have a negative effect on your mouth and tongue, if these same ingredients are baked in a pie or fried in a sauté, they no longer carry the same proteins that were causing the reaction in the first place. Colleen Seto of says: “Typically we see OAS in people allergic to heat labile protein, which means those proteins easily destroyed by heat.”

Heat tends to change the chemical balance of things, which is why alcohol can be used in stews, cakes, and other foods without getting people consuming these items inebriated. Similar to the way that the alcohol is boiled away, the proteins in the fruits are altered so that they no longer resemble the allergen. Of course, raw foods do tend to hold more nutritious value than fully cooked fruits and vegetables do, but once you know which ingredients are giving you problems you can alter the way that some of them are served and preserve the freshness of others.

It’s best to test allergies with a doctor, rather than on your own, even if you’re simply eating foods that may cause a reaction. Some food allergies can be quite severe, even the ones related to hay fever and ragweed. In some cases swelling of the throat and tongue can cause patients to become suddenly unable to swallow or breathe.

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