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Phone App Provides Recovering Alcoholics With Aid

Although many patients recovering from alcoholism find a lot of help in group sessions and private therapy, when it comes time to be on your own away from friends and doctors it can be difficult to constantly face down those demons without support. This is why a new smart phone application that just found its way onto the market is making headlines in the addiction recovery community. This app has great results in helping addicts overcome urges and cravings, and forces them to take ownership and try harder to live without their addiction substance.

Panic Button

One of the ways that this app is helping is by utilizing a panic button feature that allows recovering alcoholics to receive help from friends, family, and supporters when the urge to drink becomes too much to handle. This is especially handy when you’re newly out of treatment, suddenly on your own for the first time in a long time, and you’re unsure if you can manage. Sometimes just knowing that this button is available helps you make it through a rough patch and get yourself to theoretically more stable ground where you feel comfortable enough to occupy your mind with something else. Rachael Rettner of Live Science reports: “A new smartphone app may help people who have been treated for alcohol abuse continue in their efforts to avoid risky drinking, according to the results of a new study.”

This application may not help everybody, but it certainly has heads turning in the prevention and recovery centers for alcoholism throughout North America, and that’s something.

GPS Assistance

Aside from the panic button and multiple other features to assist recovery, this application also has a built in GPS system that alerts friends and support peers when you come into close proximity of a regularly frequented bar, liquor store, or other location where alcohol might be prevalent. Of course, one of the fall backs of this setting is that your honesty is required during the input of this location specific information, but if you’re serious about getting your life back on track then it’s important to be true to yourself and do your best to stay away from substances that will lead you down the wrong path.

Astonishing Results

This application has been tested in controlled test groups with findings that those drinkers who used the application were 65 percent less likely to fall back into old habits during the year after their initial recovery. Dennis Thompson of writes: “App users also experienced about half the episodes of “risky drinking” — consuming more than four drinks for men and three drinks for women during a two-hour period — compared to people who received traditional post-treatment support, according to the study.”

The application is designed to deal with any kind of drinking problems from abuse to full on addiction and the many levels in between. As with any preventative tool being used in a recovery period, the successes will change overtime and you may still find yourself making mistakes, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t a cure, just a tool to use.

Overall this smart phone application seemed to reduce significantly the number of times a recovering alcoholic relapsed during their recovery period. Alcoholism is an ongoing disorder with no cure, and it takes time and strength to overcome it on a long term basis. Speaking to your doctor or therapist about this tool is an important part of staying on track, and understanding all of your options before trying something new. There are many different applications on the market that claim to help with addiction recovery, but not all of them host the same statistical proof of success, and that’s what makes it so interesting.

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