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Recent Studies of Vitamin D Have Shown Dramatic Improvements in The Body

It’s always been apparent that certain vitamins and minerals are essential in order for the human body to function the way that it should. One vitamin in particular that can sometimes be overlooked is vitamin D. It’s so important, in fact, that in recent years doctors have begun recommending that infants take vitamin D drops up until an age when they can begin getting out and having enough interaction with proper amounts of the vitamin on their own. A deficiency of this nature in infants can cause permanent bone damage and issues in growth and development. Another area where a deficiency can cause problems is in those who suffer from anxiety or depression; not enough vitamin D can drastically upset the balance of your happiness levels. Read on for a few other areas where this vitamin makes a big difference in your body and life.

Brain Health

Knowing that your brain is the most important organ in your body should mean that taking care of it is an essential part of your life. This means feeding it the right kinds of foods to supply energy, oxygen, and nutrients to get you through each day and supply the right tools to your body to keep your brain healthy and happy. In recent news it’s been specified that how much vitamin D you get can make a big difference in this area. Belinda Weber of Medical News Today says: “Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining bone health, but a new study led by University of Kentucky researchers claim that deficiency of this vitamin may cause damage to the brain and other organs.” You can find vitamin D supplements in most health food stores, and all local pharmacies in different forms. Gaining natural exposure to this vitamin through daylight is another way to guarantee that you’re supplying yourself with enough to keep your brain from deteriorating.

Muscle Strength

The Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research in Australia hosted a study conducted by Robin Daly, a professor, involving twenty-six subjects in which half of the group received a placebo and the other half were given a daily dose of vitamin D. explains the results: “Those in the vitamin D group demonstrated an 8 to 11% increase in muscle strength, in addition to a reduction in cortical excitability and intercortical inhibition.”This means that not only does vitamin D play a crucial part in bone density and brain health, but it also strengthens your muscles.

Deficiencies Cause Anemia Risk

As mentioned above, babies are normally prescribed to take some form of vitamin D supplement, usually in the form of a drop which is administered with the breast milk, but as your little one grows you shouldn’t necessarily stop this treatment. Although most parents supply their children with a multivitamin of some sort, making sure that it has the required dose of D is essential for their blood; expresses: “Low levels of the "sunshine" vitamin D appear to increase a child's risk of anemia, according to new research led by investigators at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.” Researches actually studied samples from ten thousand four hundred children in order to gather the results necessary to prove this correlation. They found that kids at the most risk for anemia had a slight deficiency in vitamin D.

Breathing Problems

Finally, another of the more recent stories in the news regarding the effects of vitamin D and its deficiency on the body has to do with breathing, namely in children. This is possibly do to the above information regarding muscle function, which would include the lungs, but whatever the connection, children who receive the proper amounts of vitamin D have shown serious improvement in cases of asthma and breathing issues related to allergies.


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