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Reduce Your Back Pain With Diet And Exercise

Back pain is a villain in the lives of many Americans and can be one of the most common kinds of pain to encounter in your life. Sometimes this pain is experienced due to an injury or illness, but similar to headaches, some back pain can seem to appear as if out of nowhere, and take its time leaving you alone.

While there is no cure all for back pain and many injuries take weeks, and even months to completely heal in this area of your body, there are some ways that you can help prevent these types of pain through certain foods and exercises.

Cleaning Up Your Diet

Believe it or not your diet can play a large role in how healthy you are, and how healthy your back feels. Certain foods like those which include large quantities of protein can help rebuild and rejuvenate muscles while you sleep. Different vitamins and minerals can also strengthen bones and tissue to keep your back feeling strong, and make it less likely that you will pull a muscle or strain your back lifting or bending. Best Health Magazine writes: “Some foods can have anti-inflammatory effects and can help ward off back pain. Back-friendly foods include cherries, olive oil, salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, flaxseed, walnuts, soy products, nuts, green tea, and ginger. On the other end of the diet spectrum, some foods can contribute to pain.”

If you are unsure about which foods could help or hinder your back, and you have been experiencing back pain for quite some time, you should speak to your physician or a nutritionist about which types of ingredients could help you prevent further injury and make you feel better faster.

Work Out To Stay Strong

Many people who hurt their backs stop exercising in fear of hurting themselves further. While it’s certainly true that you shouldn’t overstrain a muscle that has become sore with use, not using it at all can have a similar effect and cause your body to seize up and stop working the way that you want it to. When you are sore, stretching, and carefully working your muscles can sometimes loosen things up and help you move more fluidly. says: “Boost your strength by doing exercises that involve the whole body, especially the core muscles of the stomach, back, hips and pelvis. In addition, strengthening your legs and shoulders can help improve your ability to squat, lift and carry items without overworking or injuring your back.”

Many of the best back exercises can be performed at home or even at your desk at work by using a chair or the wall to work your core, thighs, and gluteal muscles. Strength training can also help increase your chances of preventing pain and injury and can make you feel better in the process. This is because making your back stronger gives it a better chance at making it through a heavy lifting experience without an injury; this advice can be used for surrounding muscles as well.

Taking Care Of Your Pain

There is no clear cut answer as far as a back pain cure goes, but there are many preventative measures that can help keep you feeling healthier for longer. Monitoring your activities and knowing how to properly stand, sit, and walk with proper posture can help keep your back strong. Some people find that stretching in the morning and before bed helps to keep them limber, reduces pain, and prevents further injury by loosening muscles. Mayo Clinic states: “Anyone can develop back pain, even children and teens. Although excess weight, lack of exercise and improper lifting are often blamed for back pain, research looking at these possible risk factors hasn't yet provided any clear-cut answers.”

If you or somebody in your family has developed back pain, a visit to your doctor can often tell you where and how you have injured yourself, which can sometimes lead to the best possible treatment. Sometimes resting a sore back, taking pain medication, and exchanging hot and cold on the pained area can be the best form of medicine. Back pain is one area of your body where you may have to wait it out and hope for the best, because although some chronic back problems can mean surgical assistance, these surgeries are often dangerous, and there is never a guarantee that it will take away the pain being felt.

Try to keep your back healthy by taking care of the rest of your body; get enough sleep, don’t over strain with lifting or improper bending, and eat foods that you know will give you the vitamins and nutrients that you need to improve your spinal cord and back muscles. Rest when you need it, rather than overworking yourself, and always ask your doctor before trying any new medications or therapy routines.

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