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Safeguarding Your Family Against The Onset Of Asthma

Over the years Asthma has proven to go hand in hand with many other forms of allergies, leading the medical world to understand more about it and what can cause attacks. Most cases of asthma tend to develop in early years of infancy and lead into childhood, often carrying on throughout adulthood, although some people do outgrow the symptoms over time. There may not be a guaranteed cure for this problem or the symptoms that come with it, however, there have been many medical breakthroughs in medications and methods of treatment in order to alleviate discomfort and unblock airways for better breathing. Portable inhalers and full sized machines that pump medicine into the lungs through a breathing mask are two possible forms of treatment. There has also been some success in the shape of preventative measures, which can be practiced during early infancy and childhood to try and safeguard against the reactions.

Bring On The Pets

The thought process behind introducing dogs into the lives of babies and young children is that introducing them to the possible allergens before an allergy develops could actually save them from said development later in life. Medical News Today insists: “There have been several studies suggesting that when exposed to a dog regularly in early infancy, children's risk for developing allergies and asthma decreases.”

Results of a study involving mice that was processed in the University of California in San Francisco as well as the University of Michigan found that microbes in the gut of the creatures were physically reshaped when early exposure was eminent. This gastrointestinal microbiome alteration ceased reactions to allergens altogether, making it seem quite possible that it would do the same to asthma responses as well.

Eat More Fiber

Another test process involving lab mice had similar results when they were fed certain fibrous materials found in plant matter, which seemed to activate the same change in microbes. Allergic reactions and symptoms that would be associated with asthma such as the inflammation of bronchial tubes was less advanced and even relieved in some cases. . Nic Fleming of states: “Research in mice has shown for the first time that levels of dietary fibre, found in fruit and vegetables, can influence the balance of microbes in the gut in ways that make the airways more or less prone to the inflammation seen in allergic airway diseases.”

This study has been duplicated by other research groups and the same kind of results have been found, proving that changing your diet could actually promote healthier lungs and less dramatic symptoms where asthma is concerned. Of course this kind of treatment or preventative measure won’t work on babies, but young children can still benefit from an upgrade in fruits and vegetables throughout the day. It’s always been well documented that fresh produce packed a healthy dose of essential vitamins and nutrients as well as assisting with proper digestion, this new deduction is just icing on the cake.

Skip The Sugar

Similar to the familiar knowledge that fruits and vegetables should be more prominent in your diet, the obvious need to cut out sugars and heavy dairy products is also a good idea when asthma is part of your life or a possibility. provides the following information on the subject: “Allergies are an inflammatory response to an allergen, and certain foods like sugar, dairy, and wheat can produce additional inflammatory responses that compound a reaction, Wood says.”

Not only is bronchial inflammation a possible side effect of an over indulgence in some of these food items but dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt has been known to cause thickening in mucus, which can cause further breathing problems when the system is already congested. Wheat products such as gluten have also been known to show some negative responses in regards to allergies and asthma, but this is a less common occurrence and removing gluten from your diet is a big decision that should only be attempted through the consultation and suggestion of a medical doctor.

More Exposure

One treatment method uses the concept that being introduced to allergens early on in your life could save you from more severe responses later. This theory tends to coincide slightly with that of the evolving microbes due to owning a dog at a young age. The difference here is that it is believed that throughout your life you breathe in dust and microorganisms on a regular basis which means that when you come into contact with a larger quantity of these things your body can handle it and not suffer an attack due to inflammation. In asthma patients the defense mechanism provided by your body which promotes inflammation is much more sensitive and so medication is usually required. In the past there was no real knowledge of the causes of asthma and its effects, which meant that people didn’t try so hard to avoid them. Now people with allergies tend to stay as far away from allergens as possible, which makes sense when you’re older and know what kind of a response you’ll have, but which could damage your system further from being able to protect itself against the irritants; reports: “This theory is called the "Hygiene Hypothesis." It may help explain why asthma has been on the increase in recent years.”

Basically, becoming less involved with irritants in the air is causing people to become weaker because your body isn’t used to all of the things floating around out there. By interacting more with the dust and microorganisms you will develop natural coping methods.

Get Active

Finally, becoming more active in your daily life is an excellent way to deal with asthma and has been showing great improvements in recent studies. Of course the bronchial inflammation can make it difficult to practice such activities as high impact cardio, but focusing on less intense exercises can be of tremendous help to your system. Swimming for example is low impact but still allows you to raise your heart rate and get your lungs working without straining them.


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