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It's a Virtual World Out There: The New Dawn of Telemedicine

Ever needed a doctor’s excuse note for school or work but didn’t want to invest the time and money to actually visit the doctor? Now you can find a printable doctor's excuse online, through websites that specialize in online doctor consultations, also known as “telemedicine.” Telemedicine has made it possible to communicate with doctors via telephone and online. The industry has paved the way, for a new future in medical consultations using the infrastructure already in place and resources that people already use every day.

With the ease and accessibility of the Internet in the Information Age, it is only logical that necessary services such as healthcare utilize new technologies for increased efficiency. Services that provide online doctor consultations and prescriptions exist with the understanding that telecommunications is a tool to improve the service that the health care industry provides. The scope of telehealth ranges from consulting a doctor on the phone to receiving prescriptions over the Internet. It has already been implemented into many health care systems, and is quickly growing.

What has made online doctor consultations and prescriptions services possible?
Online doctor consultations and prescriptions, also known as telemedicine, has become possible with the spread of information technology. With the encompassing network that the Internet provides, it is now easy to connect people with hardware and even wirelessly through buildings, linking communities and countries worldwide.

Before websites offered online doctor consultations and prescriptions, people had to travel to a doctor’s office, or have a doctor come to them to obtain health information. With the increasing costs of healthcare, diagnosing illness can be expensive and time consuming, on top of the cost of treatment. Now information regarding your personal health can be obtained, transmitted and stored digitally. The American Medical Association has stated that 70% of doctor’s visits are informational in purpose only, and could easily be handled over the Internet or phone.

How Does Telemedicine Affect My Life?
There are several telemedicine services that provide online consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, and doctor's notes for school and the workplace. This makes this service ideal for people who travel, such as business people, those in transportation industries such as pilots and train operators, students, and just people on the go. For example, those who do not have the time to make an appointment for a small ailment could be easily treated online, for faster relief at their convenience.

The Future of Telemedicine
In the coming years, it is a priority in the health industry to make telemedicine, or online doctor consultations more accessible and affordable for personal use at home. Already many accommodations have been made to provide affordable equipment to consumers. Online doctor consultations will be available to more and more people, as the number of personal computers and mobile phones with Internet access increases exponentially all over the world. Meaning, people in remote areas without readily available health services and resources will be able to access health treatment through technology. Greater access and efficiency of the health care industry will positively influence people's quality of life. Telemedicine vastly improves customer and patient satisfaction with the online consultation services they receive overall.


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