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Your Brain on Love: Pheromones and How They Work

February brings thoughts of greeting cards, long stem roses, and gourmet chocolate. Of course, the reason you offer and reciprocate these gifts is because of the way your partner makes you feel about them. This can be due to a physical attraction, a mental connection, and believe it or not, it can even be due to the way that he or she smells.

In nature, pheromones are a natural chemical released into the environment by an animal. This smell can ward off the attention of creatures, or attract a potential mate. When it comes to people, the concept of pheromones hasn’t been completely conclusive; there’s still a lot that the scientific community doesn’t understand about the way that it works among homo sapiens.

Sweat Signals

It may not sound romantic, but most of the pheromones released by mammals travel through sweat and other natural body oils. This was first realized by a team of researchers in 1959 while studying mice. Scientists learned that the period of puberty was sped up in female mice when pheromones were released in the urine of adult male mice.

In humans, studies have provided evidence which points to a rise in testosterone levels in adult males during the ovulation of nearby females. Humans are a more complex creature than a mouse, and that makes it a little more difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes arousal in terms of the senses.

While statistics are inconclusive in regards to whether pheromones work on humans as an aphrodisiac, modern science does point to the possibility of attraction being caused by many signals and chemicals interacting, including smells.

Pheromone Based Perfume

Whether the scientific community has come to agree on the success of human pheromones being used as aphrodisiacs, there are companies from around the world which bottle these scents. Sold as perfume for women, and cologne for men, it’s possible to purchase a theoretical “love potion” to tempt a potential partner.

Odor cues are not a foreign concept, even in relation to non-romantic thoughts and feelings. Sniffing a scent from a positive childhood experience is enough to send any man or woman on a nostalgic trip back in time. It makes sense then, that man-made scents could induce other feelings based on the memories or thoughts which are created when the scent is smelled.

Maternal Scents

One interesting fact, we noticed while looking deeper into the concept of pheromones, was that breastfeeding women can cause a reaction on childless women. It’s well documented that the smell of breastmilk can cause a reaction in a nursing child, but what is less talked about is the sensual arousal it can cause in other women.

In the past, this may have been a natural biological signal which alerted childless women to their need to reproduce. In a time when human populations were low, this would help to successfully strengthen the survival rate of the species.

A Helping Hand

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Keep the romance alive this month by taking back your time and using it with those you care about most.

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