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Your Dizziness Could Be Linked To Low Blood Pressure

Standing up too fast after a long rest can cause dizziness, and most people pass this off as a head rush when changing position, but recent research says it could be more than that. New data published in the journal of Neurology reported that dizziness felt for long periods after changing position could mean low blood pressure, as well as other health related issues.

The ailment is being called orthostatic hypotension, and it could occur within 3 minutes of standing. Feeling light headed, dizzy, nauseous, and retaining fuzzy vision can all occur at this time.

Reasons For Dizziness

While OH, or orthostatic hypotension can pose quite a risk to your body, it isn’t the only reason that you could be feeling fizzy. Low blood sugar, dehydration, and obesity can also be factors in these sensations.

Cold and flu season brings on plenty of faint feelings and dizziness due to congestion. Medication can also be a culprit, depending on whether or not it is meant to make your drowsy. Before panicking and assuming that you have OH, take a look at these other factors which could be causing your dizziness.

The Research

The team which studied OH and the dizziness it causes found that it generally means bad news for those affected. The condition alerts you when your body can’t regulate blood pressure properly. Low blood pressure isn’t commonly a problem when it occurs for short periods during rest, but if it continues, it could be problematic. Medical News Today reports on the research submitted by the most recent team of scientists, writing about their follow up after experimenting; “During the 10-year follow-up period, 54% of individuals with DOH progressed to OH, while 31% developed a degenerative brain disease, such as Parkinson's disease or dementia with Lewy bodies - disease caused by abnormal protein accumulation in the brain. Those with DOH who also had diabetes at study baseline were more likely to develop the full condition than those without diabetes. The rate of death among study subjects was 29% for those with DOH and 64% for those with OH. For those with neither condition, the death rate was 9%.”

The researchers hoped to promote the knowledge of OH and DOH as possible problems for individuals, and help in the prevention of early death before it is too late. Early diagnosis and treatment can keep the disorder from becoming more serious and causing additional symptoms. Scientists involved in the most recent experiments have been candid in their hopes that this newfound information will bring more individuals to the doctor, rather than the morgue as they report the symptoms and receive necessary treatment.

Dangers Of Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can cause more than just a dizzy feeling when you sit or stand to quickly. It can also cause blurred vision and a case of the spins. If this occurs while you’re on the stairs, or standing near the edge of the street, it could be quite serious. Many who suffer from OH report frequent falls. Men’s Health warns; “Orthostatic hypotension can lead to fainting and falls, which can cause injury, but the condition also signals that something in your body isn’t working properly, says Dr. Gibbons. It may point to diseases like diabetes or Parkinson’s, both of which can damage your nerves and disrupt your body’s blood pressure regulation. So if you notice you always feel dizzy when you get up—or that it gets worse the longer you stand—make an appointment with your doctor.”

Stroke is another danger, due to the lowered supply of blood making it to the brain. It can be a leading factor in heart issues as well, including heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Signs of Low Blood Pressure

If you are on the lookout for low blood pressure, there are certain symptoms you will want to be aware of. Dizzy spells are one, but you will also want to watch for profuse sweating, soreness and weakness in muscles, feeling tightness in your lungs, painful sensations in the chest area, and even nausea. Unfortunately, these can also be telling signs for other diseases and disorders, which makes it even more important that you report them as soon as the symptoms become apparent. Medicine Net warns that other diseases can cause low blood pressure, writing; “Some diseases are associated with an inability to compensate for changes in body position (autonomic dysfunction). Normally when a person stands, blood vessels contract to increase blood pressure slightly, and the heart rate increases to pump blood uphill to the brain against gravity. In autonomic dysfunction, a person may become dizzy when they move from a lying position to sitting or standing up. Examples of these diseases include diabetes, Addison's disease, or Parkinson's disease).”

If you feel a dizzy spell come on one time when you sit up quickly, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you have one of the above diseases or disorders, but it always helps to be safe. Speak to you doctor if you notice symptoms which could indicate OH or anything else which could negatively impact your health.

Focus on eating properly, sleeping 8 hours a night, and drinking enough water and other liquids. Foods and drinks high in fats and sugars should be avoided. Treating low blood pressure isn’t impossible, but you want to catch it early to avoid any progressive ailments which could present themselves in a stage that is too late to treat.

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