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Male Pattern Baldness


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It is very common for men to experience what is called Male Pattern Baldness, the most widespread type of hair loss for men. Men who experience Male Pattern Baldness typically follow a pattern of hair receding on the hairline and hair thinning on the crown. This can occur as a man ages, or even as early as their twenties depending on each individual person, their genes, and the male sex hormones. Many men are embarrassed about speaking to a doctor about Male Pattern Baldness, and may look for prescriptions online.

Why and how does Male Pattern Baldness occur? Every couple of months, your hair grows about one inch, while growing for about 2-6 years, they will remain that length for a short period before falling out. Then new hair replaces the old hair, so during this process your hair is growing about 85% of the time. Over time hair follicles, cavities found in the skin in which hair grows from, can shrink. As hair follicles shrink, the resulting hair is shorter and finer, until it eventually falls out and never grows back. Doctors are not exactly sure why this happens but they have worked on ways to treat this condition.

Fortunately for many men, doctors can give an online prescription to treat Male Pattern Baldness:

• Rogaine is a solution you apply to the scalp that stimulates the hair follicles. It has been shown to slow hair loss for many men and allows other men to grow new hair. But the previous gains will be lost if you do not continue with your online prescription.

• Propecia is an prescription pill that inhibits the production of certain male hormones. With Propecia, you are much more likely to slow hair loss rather than gain new hair. As with Rogain the previous hair growth will dissipate once you stop taking the medication.



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